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Aug 27, 2007 10:03 AM

Philadelphia Bachelor Party Dinner Suggestion?

Dire need of a good fun place in Philly that can accommodate 10-12 hungry guys before we go out and get our drink on.

I'm thinking traditional: steak, burgers, beer what-have-you but open to any and all suggestions.

Anyone have any experience or knowledge of such place? I'm from the area but haven't lived there in six years so I'm rather limited to google and my friends back home (who only suggest the same places we used to go every weekend).

Price range: anything up to 35 bucks.

Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. Northern Liberties - Standard Tap
    Old City - Society Hill Inn Restaurant
    Queen Village - Royal Tavern
    check some of the best burger posts and things like that

    1. You could try Fogo de Chau which is a Brazilian steak house. It's in the old Caldwell's building on Chestnut between Broad and Juniper, across the street from Lucky Strike bowling alley, which is a place you should go to for drinks. (I think it's the perfect place for a bachelor party and I believe they also sell food, but never ate there.) Back to Fogo: Dinner is price fixe at $44.00 for which you get all you can eat salad bar and they just keep serving the meat on skewers at the table for as long as you can eat. Their website is:

      1. My husband had his 30th B-day party at Eulogy Belgian Tavern in Old City and I think it would be a great place for a bachelor party dinner. They have mussels, burgers, and typical belgian fare. Everything I've had there has been great. They have one of the best beer menus as well. Plus you'll be right in Old City which will be handy when you're ready to get your drink on. They do not take reservations for large parties but I would try to get them to hold the upstairs back room for you (the decor in this room is pretty awesome). They will usually try to hold it for you.

        Eulogy Belgian Tavern
        136 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

        1. While I love the Royal, it's a small place and may be tough for 10-12 guys to get a large table during a dinner rush. I also recommend Standard Tap, as well as Moriarty's (if you love wings), Chickie's & Pete's, Nodding Head and Good Dog.

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            Thanks for catching that lawgirl. I was on the food...

          2. Where are you looking to go in the city? Bigley hit on some good spots, I would also add N 3rd and stay away from Fogo De Chao because if your friends are like my friends, you're gonna eat all that food and then be too full to do anything afterwards. Either way, anywhere good is going to fill up so an early dinner may be best. should have all the menus for these places to see if they will fit the bill. All of Bigleys recs have above average food.