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Aug 27, 2007 09:57 AM

Kansas City BBQ-Studio City

After my constant hunt for some good Valley BBQ, a member of this site suggested this place.

Located close to Moorpark & Lankershim part of Universal City.

Now, I did enjoy the baby back ribs yet still not the best. I will say those baked beans with chunks of pork were some of the best beans I've ever had and the potatoe salad was week.

My search continues...


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  1. Ever tried Uncle Andre's on Moorpark (just past Colfax) in Studio City?

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    1. re: vinosnob

      You'll be cursed for bringing up Uncle Andre's on this board since everyone hates it yet its still my favorite for valley BBQ, love their combo meal for like $20.00 with the ribs, cut of beef, links, chicken and sides. Repeat, its my favorite for convenience in my neighborhood :>)

      1. re: Hypnotic23

        Really? I've never had a bad meal there; maybe for bbq purists it doesn't fit the bill, but Andre's offers much more than just bbq. As you said, it's a great neighborhood spot.

    2. So funny that you mentioned their baked beans! Presently I'm smoking a rack of spares and we are having a dinner guest. Our friend Steve is bringing along a couple pints of the very same beans you have mentioned. He says they are ummmazing, and now I am doubly excited about our dinner this evening.

      1. Stop ordering baby backs! What's to like besides the name?

        It makes people think they're getting special gourmet piglet ribs or something.

        You will never find a good baby back rib. They ain't got no meat. They belong on a east coast chinese poo poo platter.

        Uncle Andre's isn't BBQ. But if you like sweet sauce poured onto cooked meat go.