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Aug 27, 2007 09:56 AM

Suggestions for 21st Bday in Baltimore Annapolis

My 21st birthday is coming up, and I'm looking for a fun place with lots of fun/unique drinks to go out with some friends (there will be about 6 or 7 of us). I want to go somewhere in the Baltimore, Fells Point or Annapolis areas. I want somewhere nice, but not over-the-top expensive, with a fun atmosphere. Also, I'm a vegetarian, so anywhere that has great appetizers, veggies, and seafood would be great. Any suggestions?

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  1. For Annapolis I would put my name in at Lemongrass and head to the rooftop bar at Metropolitian next door. The rooftop bar has a great atmosphere and and nice drink menu. Lemongrass does have spotty service, but has a good veggie friendly menu.

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      Lemongrass was my first thought, too. Each time I have been in there, there has been a group of youthful celebrators, i.e. shower, birthday, bachelorette party or whatever, at the center table. Can't say it is great fun for the rest of the diners, but the center table sure seems to have fun. I agree the Metropolitan would fit your bill for drinks afterward.

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        I agree with Lemongrass and the Metropolitan. Lemongrass doesn't take reservations, however.

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          I think you can call ahead and put your name on the waitlist though.

    2. I think Pazo would fit this pretty well. It's near Fells Point. Very fun decor, cocktails, it's mostly tapas and I think has lots of a vegetarian options, definitely seafood. Delicious bread and dips. if you're planning on a weekend, I'd make reservations.

      Pazo Restaurant
      1425 Aliceanna St., Baltimore, MD 21231

      1. I don't think I'd describe the atmosphere a fun, particularly, but you also may like Lebanese Taverna in Harbor East. Fantastic food and great drinks.

        1. I would def reccomend Pazo, fun atmosphere, including the staff, some of them are actually crazy!! Food is great, not mind blowing but then again it's reasonable priced. Decent vegetarian offerings, def try the white pizza, actually any pizzas. good drink lists and awesome wine list. Go on a Sun in Sept and all bottle wine is 1/2 off