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Aug 27, 2007 09:41 AM

TJ's in GC

Heard that TJs wanted to pay $15/sq. ft. and have their own parking, b/c they are TJ's. Not sure, but NONE of the LI spots have their own parking, do they? Annoying.

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  1. Not sure what you mean by "have their own parking". Many restaurants have their own parking lots...on their land.

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    1. re: foodieforthought

      Yes, but do any of the LI Trader Joe's have their own parking? I know Plainview doesn't.

      I just think it's a bit much when there's literally 1000s of GC parking spaces all over there.

      1. re: GCGuy

        I think it borders on the absurd to purchase parking in GC, but I understand why.

        TJ's in Plainview leases part of the parking lot of the strip mall their in. They pay a lease for that as well. This is so that they can ensure that their shopping carts stay on their property. To allow people to start rolling shopping carts all over GC to their parking spot would be chaos.


        1. re: foodieforthought

          I see., but it doesn't ensure TJ customers only from using it. Not sure what the real benefit is, but thanks for pointing that out. We'll, hopefully they find another location.

    2. Where did they want to go? In the Food Basket spot? That parking lot is a nightmare during business hours, M-F.

      I would be thrilled if TJ's came here. Or anywhere on the North Shore too. I don't find any of their present locations too convenient for my travels.

      Is it dead?

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      1. re: JGS

        Yes, Food Basket. Well, now I've heard it will replace a shuttered Pathmark on Hempstead Tpke, right near the new Stop and Shop on the GC border. That would be nice...

        1. re: GCGuy


          This is interesting. I would be loving life!

          Funny about that Stop n Shop. When did that spring up? We just discovered it last weekend. I never go down that road, obviously. I felt like I was in Atlanta w/ new shopping centers springing up every other day.

          That Pathmark was gross.

          Keep us posted!

          1. re: JGS

            Tell me about it. I did the came out of nowhere. Not even sure what was there. Odd, though, since there's another brand new one on Old Country Rd. They're getting to be like DD and SBUX!!

            I would love to have TJs so close...would have preferred it in the village, but beggars can't be choosey.

        2. re: JGS

          Okay, can't be too fussy, as I am in Forest Hills, eagerly awaiting the Rego Park TJ, however, I do agree that there should be one somewhere on the north shore, somewhere between Rego Park and Plainview. Roslyn? Great Neck? Syosett? Woodbury? I will lay odds it is all about the cost of real estate. Here in FH, on Austin Street, landlords regularly get in excess of $100 a foot, and if you live around here, you know there is no parking to be had. Also, I saw a link to the site for the broker who did the deal for the Rego Park store and there it says that the space in that complex is going for $50 a foot. There are areas in the dregs of Brooklyn in Queens getting more than $30-40 a foot. $15 a foot in even a halfway decent area, with even a common parking lot rather than street parking, seems like wishful thinking.

        3. It depends on where in GC you are talking about. If you mean in town, like where Food Basket was, that is a public lot. If you mean any location surrounding Roosevelt Field, which is also GC, then that is a different story. There may very well be some empty stores they can go into that have their own lot. Not sure, however, where it would make sense for a TJ's to go. I prefer Fairway and Whole Foods anyway, so it is not a big deal to me.

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          1. re: robinsilver

            Which Whole Foods is closer to GC anyway? Manhasset or Jericho?

            1. re: foodieforthought

              The depends on which side of GC you are on. If you are east of Franklin, you would probably be better going over to the Meadowrook and out on northern state to 106/107 north. Otherwise, you might as well go up to Northern Blvd to Manhasset.

              1. re: robinsilver

                From my house, close to Old Country and Glen's 5.1 mi to Manhasset and 6.6 to Jericho.

          2. TJs in South Merrick on Merrick Rd. has ample parking.