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Aug 27, 2007 09:24 AM

Thought I had the perfect place for my birthday but...


I am trying to find the perfect place to celebrate my 24th birthday. I had wanted to go to the Casablanca Tea Room in Soho as I read a lot of good things about that place and the room looked awesome and it sounds really different and fun. However.. it just closed down! So now I have to think of somewhere else and I would love any suggestions you can offer. There will be a group of 8-9 of us. I really want somewhere that has a good selection of appetizers/ tapas but also a full menu. I think 50 bucks a person would be around what I am looking for. I would really love somewhere around the west village, soho, or meat packing but I'm open to anything. Last year I went to Havana Alma de Cuba and loved it, but I would like to try something new and a little different so maybe not cuban/spanish food..however.i'm not absolutly opposed to it as I really enjoy that type of cuisine. I really want nice/different atmosphere and I love music all kinds so it be great if you could suggest any place that might have live..but that's not a must have. The 3 most important things to me are the food, the atmosphere and the service.. okay i need to stop rambling on now.. Thanks in advance for your suggestions :)

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  1. Happy birthday!

    I went to a birthday party for about 12 people at Cafe Noir in soho a year or 2 ago... it worked out really well because there are small plates to share, along with entrees for anyone who wanted them. What I remember most about the service was that they were particularly quick to take drink orders for those of us who arrived later, rather than have to sit and wait for a few minutes. The pitchers of sangria worked really well for the party, and I remember the food being delicious.

    Alta is a great party place too, and I recommend it all the time on this board. You'll probably end up spending around $50 pp for drinks and food, but not including tax & tip. But, the food, cocktails and sangria are all great... a little more gourmet than Cafe Noir.

    1. I know it's recommended a lot on this board but I recently went to Stanton Social Club in the LES and had a wonderful meal. It's especially great when you have a bunch of people with you so you can order tons of different plates. (Plus you divide the cost this way). It's not traditional tapas/small plates but they have something from all different types of cuisines: New American, Asian, Latin, Southern, Italian, French etc. Everything is served in an imaginative way and the room is very chic and stylish. I had a glass of wine but my brother's fiancee enjoyed her pinapple martini.

      I live in DC but I hope to return in the next few months to try out all the other stuff we didn't get a chance to order.

      1. Alta, Cafe Noir, Highline, Fatty Crab. I'm thinking about having my birthday at Alta. The reasonable prices, great drinks and fantastic ambience are all cherries on top of the excellent food.