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Aug 27, 2007 09:19 AM

Later reservation at EMP

Hi all, me and the gf are planning a night out for this saturday and currently have a res for 9 at emp. I know this isn't really late but at a place where i've heard meals can last a few hours i don't want to have to worry about being rushed towards the end of our meal. Knowing how danny meyer's restaurants are i'm not all to worried but just looking for some reassurance! Also we were also looking at jean george's and the modern as options. We're both pretty open to new foods, me moreso than the gf but she's getting better! Anyone think either may be a better option? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Stick with EMP and enjoy! I think the timing is fine, esp for a Saturday night.

    1. You can rest easy. No matter the hour of your reservation, you will *never* be rushed out at EMP. If you order the 3- or 4-course menu, it will probably take no more than 2 hours. If you go that route, I highly recommend Chef Humm's signature duck for two. The 11-course tasting will, of course, take much longer. When we did it earlier this year, I think we were there for about 3-1/2 hours.

      Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

      1. They take reservations for much later than 9 so I wouldn't worry. Most restaurants I go to are usually at 9 or 930 and I have never been rushed out, and that would go double for a place like EMP where the service is very good.

        1. I went to EMP on a Saturday night a week ago for my birthday. We had 10pm reservations. We had the 3-course meal and waddled out at nearly 1am. There were other people still there when we left, and we never felt rushed at all. Enjoy!

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            Great, thats what i was hoping to hear! That leads me to my next question. The duck for two or the pig? Heard great things about both and am a bit torn even though i'm sure either would be a safe choice.

            1. re: Jstern35

              The pig was one of the best dishes I've ever had, period. Also, that's only for one which would give you two the opportunity to try something else as well. Don't get me wrong the duck was fabulous (I went with my family, parents shared duck, brother had steak, I had pig-- all terrific). But I personally would always rather sample as much as possible. That being said, if you guys are big duck lovers then go for it.

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                The duck for two is Chef Humm's signature dish and should not be missed! However, you can actually have both because of the way the menu works, i.e., very flexible.

                If you go with 3 courses, you get to choose 2 savories from the apps., fish/seafood and meat/poultry categories + 1 sweet. So, one of you can order the pig for your first course, while the other chooses something else, thus allowing you to share two different dishes, and then have the duck for your second course.

                The 4-course menu = 3 savories + 1 sweet. So, you can choose from the apps or the fish/seafood section to start, then follow with the pig + something else, again sharing, followed by the duck.

                Keep in mind that before the dishes you order start coming your way, you will be served a plate of assorted pre-amuses, some gougeres, and then the amuse. Plus, of course, there is excellent bread.

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                  That's exactly what I did! My friend and I ordered 3 and 4 courses respectively so that we could share the duck and I could still get my suckling pig!

                  1. re: kobetobiko

                    Thats actually exactly what i was originally thinking but was afraid it'd end up in me being comatose for the rest of the night (albeit a good comatose =P) You guys didn't find doing both courses to be a bit on the heavy side?

                    1. re: Jstern35

                      I've not done them together. However, the last time we did the 3-course menu, I chose a fish dish as my first course, and it was scaled to appetizer size. I presume they would do the same with the pig.

                      1. re: Jstern35

                        When I did the the pig and duck together, my friend and I also split the pig, which wasn't exactly of big portion. In a sense it was more like 3 1/2 courses for both of us. We chose some lighter appetizers like seafood to start with to avoid the "heavy" factor. I was certainly full by the end of the meal, but I didn't feel bloated with heavy sauce or fat per se.