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Aug 27, 2007 09:06 AM

Good eats in Myrtle Beach

My family and I are heading to Myrtle Beach in about three weeks and I am hoping for some pointers on good eats. Yes, I know, Myrtle is the home to tons of chain restaurants. I'm hoping to do better than that. <VBG>

Specifically, I'm probably look for one nicer restaurant, one buffet and a few places that are good but not budget busters. All suggestions are welcome!

Also, recommendations for the best dessert in town would be great :-)

MS150 rider.

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  1. Liberty Brew & Steakhouse - Go here for lunch. Beer is excellent, good Apps. (Onion rings & Nachos), Burgers & Sandwiches. BTW - Broadway Cinema is now all Digital, go to Matinee then have lunch. Would not reccomend for dinner, unless you want burgers.

    Abuelo's Mexican Embassy - This chain is the "Cheesecake Factory" of Mexican food. All salsa, sauces, and even margarita's are made from scratch. BBQ shrimp fajhitas and avocado enchiladas are a couple of my favorite things here. Dinner $10-22, and yes you still get all the very good chips and salsa you want. Never had a bad meal here.

    Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse - one of my favorite places to eat, period. If you are not familiar with this type of place, google "churrascaria". Last time I went they were doing 16 kinds of protein and pineapple served with unlimited use of the fancy appetizer/salad bar for $33/set price. Very good, go hungry and try a caprihana (Brazilian cocktail)

    For breakfast, and I have tried a lot of places around Myrtle and NMB - The Golden Griddle is the best overall IMHO. I drive 30 minutes to eat their pancakes when the craving hits. It has been there a long time, family owned, waitresses that call you honey,etc.

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      For steaks, I'd recommend Angelo's. The restaurant is actually an Italian restaurant with a pizza and pasta buffet. But, don't let that fool you. Angelo's steaks are among the best I've ever had.

      I also prefer Sea Captain's House for seafood. Good quality seafood, solid service, and great views.

    2. Thank you so much for the recommendations so far. Can someone recommend a buffet? I am riding in the MS150 and I'd like to go to a buffet after my 150 mile bike ride is completed. I heard that Captain George's has gone downhill. Is that the case? What would be a good alternative -- not all Calabash please, after riding that far, broiled/grilled will sit a lot better -- oh, and desserts are important too!

      We'll be in town for a vacation after the ride and any additional recommendations will be very helpful as well.

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        Go to Flamingo Grill - not a buffet but great grilled/broiled fish.

        For Italian I like Benny Rappa's Tratorria in North Myrtle Beach. menu changes daily as everything is fresh.

        1. re: steveindurham

          I have a couple of favorite seafood places close to me (Twin Lakes in Sunset Beach and Captain Pete's in Holden Beach) that are excellent and friends who fish so I don't eat seafood in MB. I do hear from friends who visit and read that Sea Captains House is good consistently and has some decent pies. I used to hear that Capt. Georges Buffet was pretty good, but not the last couple of years (it is one of the bigger ones).

        2. re: jmkizer

          I like Captain George. Ate there about a monh ago and left well pleased

          Ate at the Sea Captain's House about 2 years ago. In my opinion, over-rated. Wait was long, service was poor, portion sizes were small and food was mediocre.

          1. re: dmdiamond

            Thanks for the update on Captain George's! That helps :-) I'm still open to other suggestions but it's good to know that you were pleased with their offering when you were there last month.

        3. Is Bodo's German Restaurant still open? Didn't make it last year, but will try in Nov if it still gets good reviews.

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          1. re: hummingbird

            Bodo's is still open, I have personally never eaten there but have read good reviews recently.

            1. re: Raised on Q

              Head on down to Murrells Inlet for awesome food! I personally like Capt Dave's Dockside and Lee's Inlet Kitchen. Great food.
              For breakfast I love Sea Captains House and I also like Spinghouse but only the one in Murrells Inlet.
              For a raw bar buffett I love Crab House at BROADWAY. The have oyster, mussels, Shrimp , crab, etc....other than that I don't do buffettts

              1. re: LaLa

                Well, we will be at Broadway at the Beach. The MS150 has the start/finish there this year on Saturday and Sunday ( I plan to hang with the other cyclists on Saturday and wanted something good and casual -- we've done buffet in the past -- on Sunday. I don't want to have to think too much after the riding :-)

          2. Here's a quick, post MS150 follow up.

            We went down to Myrtle Beach last Friday and I did the MS150 on Saturday and Sunday, eating with the other bicyclists.

            On Sunday evening, we went to Captain Georges. I enjoyed my meal there. I was glad that they "fixed" the carrot cake -- it now has cream cheese frosting as it should have! The crab legs and blackened mahi were very good as well. Oh, and the stuffed mushrooms are a fan favorite of mine :-)

            On Monday night we tried Angelo's Steak and Pasta on King's Highway for the first time. It was good in a NJ Italian kind of way. I think that I enjoyed my Chicken A La Angelo more than DH enjoyed his steak (he had ordered a filet and they brought a ribeye and he didn't send it back). It was OK but not worth the drive from North Myrtle.

            On Tuesday night we went to Greg Norman's at Barefoot Landing. I had the yellowfin tuna with stir fried vegetables and DH had the salmon. My items were a la carte and I was disappointed that the otherwise attentive wait staff did not inform me that this was a very bad pairing. The menu just said stir fried vegetables. The vegetables were heavily sauced and he sauce was spicy. In and of itself that was not a problem, however, the sauce on the vegetables was not a good match for the wood fire grilled tuna steak. DH and I shared the turtle cheesecake which was outstanding. We both wish that we had ordered something else for our entree, probably not a good sign for the restaurant. That was by far our most expensive meal and I don't think that either of us were 100% satisfied with the experience.

            On the way back home, we stopped at Angelo's Brick Oven Pizza and Bistro on 17 Business in Shallotte. The cheese stromboli was outstanding! I made of note of and we will be back!

            P.S. DH works with several natives of Brazil. They speak highly of Rioz.