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Aug 27, 2007 08:47 AM

Chinese take-out boxes: any restos have them?

Hi, I was just wondering if there were any Chinese eateries in Toronto that might carry those small take-out boxes or food containers with the metal ring that are sometimes seen in the movies. I know that these things are pretty much defunct, but just the other week when I was on the subway I saw two guys noshing out of one of them, clear as day (be this a promotional item, I don't know..) There are several other posts similiar to this, but I couldn't find any local information. Any advice? BTW this is my first post, please help!

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  1. Are you looking for them to buy for your own use, or to have food delivered in them? A store called Solutions, which used to have a location in the Dufferin Mall but has since shut down, carries them. I'm not sure if there are other locations. And Tap Phong Trading Company on Spadina has them as well as several other stores in Chinatown.

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      Solutions does indeed carry them but as 'jamesm' says the Dufferin Mall store is now closed so I would check them out in another location..I don't think that the whole chain has closed down. The Papery on Yonge Street might have some. Possibly some of those stores that specialise in supplying boxes/bubble wrap for people who are moving (it's a long shot, but, worth a try).

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        To purchase containers, check out They sell a variety of colours and sizes and are a wholesaler that sell to the public.

      2. Thai Express serves their food in those boxes. Not sure about any other places.

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          Thai Express is HORRIBLE. Once I had chicken and noodles I think, and it was just that - a few pieces of chicken on a mass of tasteless noodle.

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            I've never eaten there, so I can't comment. Just answering the question of which restos serve in boxes...

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              Agreed. The use of the name "Thai" in their name is an affront to Thai cuisine. Avoid, avoid, avoid. If you want the boxes, go to Tap Phong. I was there last week and they had them.

          2. As james says, if you are looking to buy them, they are everywhere. I even recall seeing them in a Loomis art store in a variety of colours.

            1. As james and 11oclockish, I have even seen them at Michael's if you're looking for decorative boxes for your own use.

              1. I saw them for sale at Tap Phong (360 Spadina Ave at Baldwin) a few weeks ago. They're probably going to be as cheap as you can find them elsewhere, possibly cheaper.

                As for places that serve in them, I've noticed a lot of caterers use them to serve 'Asian-style' noodle salads and the like.