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Aug 27, 2007 07:55 AM

restaurant - good for groups?


My friends and I will be in Chicago and we'd love a great restaurant recommendation for a sat night. We're from NYC, so it would be great if it serves food we can't get in NY. Obviously great food is first priority, scene/ambiance not very important. There will probably be 8 of us. $50-60/head budget (incl. alcohol)


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  1. Chicago is a big city. Do you have a desired location? That would help narrow things down a bit. Also an idea of what you might enjoy food-wise?

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      I'm thinking we'll all be downtown in the loop area. In terms of food, we're pretty open. Do you have recs for deep dish or american (new) type cuisine?

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        For Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, you'll find plenty of recommendations in these two topics, and the big chains have multiple locations in the downtown area:

        I would also suggest considering one of the Greek restaurants in Greek Town, just west of the Loop:

        There are lots of great contemporary American restaurants, but most of them will be tough within the budget you mention; they're typically in the $80-120 range per person including tax, tip, and alcohol.

    2. I would recommend Carnivale on Fulton near the expressway. Its very lively, a bit trendy and has a great open dining area. Great food and yummy mojitos, and the cost would be around 60 per person...

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        Good Mexican/Latin food is something that we see a lot in Chicago, so Carnivale could be a good fit. Its my old standy recommendation for groups.

        Given the size of the group, you could also try some other options - Frontera or Zocalo are good Mexican options if you want something a little more focused than Carnivale's pan-Latin menu. I'd also recommend Salpicon, but it might be tough to keep that within your budget.

        If you are a little more adventurous and real foodie types, there are also some outstanding Thai places farther north in the city. I would highly recommend Spoon Thai. You would probalby be best off hopping on the Brown line North to the Western Ave. El stop. Its half a block south of there. Very authentic. Many many Thai specialties that you do not normally see. A perfect place to order a dozen dishes for everyone to share. Note that its BYO, so you can bring your own drinks. Last time we went, we left stuffed for $35 each, not including wine.