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west village restaurant crawl

starting at the basketball courts at the W4th station, the idea is a glass of wine, then a 5-10 minute walk, then sit at the bar for an appetizer and more wine, repeat as necessary until time or money runs out. Suggestions?

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  1. Bellavitae is very close to your starting point on Minetta. Though I haven't tried it, it gets many recommendations on this board.

    Alta on w10th would be a great stop for a cocktail or a glass of wine and a couple of their delicious small plates.

    Blue Ribbon has a new wine bar on Downing st with tasty snacks.

    Depending on the time of day, the Blind Tiger on Bleecker / Jones might be fun for a change of pace. This is a beer-lovers bar with small portions of creative, tasty bar food, salads and sandwiches. It's packed in the evening Weds - weekend, however it shouldn't be too bad in the afternoon.

    btw this sounds like a lot of fun....

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      so far it's looking like starting at Roll and Dough for a bing, then to Blue Ribbon for wine, to Alta for wine and small dish, then Bellavitae for the same. Then I'll see what time it is, how thick my wallet remains, and take it from there.

      1. re: Marine Engineer

        heard roll & dough was closed, but mebbe not. best to double check.

    2. Depending on the time - you could get some steamers or fried oysters at Pearl Oyster Bar with a glass of wine.

      1. Before your glass of wine, grab a bing at Roll & Dough, right next to the courts on W.3rd.

        At some point, swing by 'Inoteca.

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            thanks for the heads up on the bing.

            the plan as it now stands (but subject to further editing)
            - Blue Ribbon for wine
            - Fish for oysters (if she likes raw bar)
            - Alta for wine and small plate
            - Bellavitae for wine and small plate
            - Ino for wine and a nibble if we're still hungry

            1. re: jdream

              Permanently?? Or just for a summer break (like last year)?

              1. re: piccola

                it's looking pretty permanent--

                  1. re: DarthEater

                    My guess is too high rent when you a basically making 1-5 dollar sales... their space was much too big. Would have done better churning out bings without seating, no gloppy steam table and a restaurants 1/4 the size.

          2. You could also go to Fish, on Bleecker and Jones, for their raw bar special -- 6 oysters or clams with a glass of red or white wine for $8.

            1. I'm sure I'll get cyber-slapped for this, but...I'd finish your crawl with a cupcake at Magnolia.

              1. Roll and Dough has sadly closed. I am still mourning its departure from the neighborhood. Perhaps start at Bellavitae, walk west to Blue Ribbon for wine, continue west to Employees Only for a drink and plate, a jaunt east to Alta for sherry and a light bite and then down to P*ong for dessert and a port.

                1. thanks all for the suggestions. evening went very well.

                  Started at Blue Ribbon for a glass of wine.
                  Next was Fish, with the raw sampler and a cranberry tonic with a big squeeze of lime.
                  Moving on to Alta, where we had wine, the brussel sprouts and apple salmon something or other with jalepeno and mint.
                  Then we went to Bellavitae and had parmigiano with balsamic vinegar and grilled figs wrapped in panceta, with a mini carafe of red.
                  Ending the evening at Ditch Plains, with a half bottle of Zin and the cheese and macaroni.

                  All is well with the world tonight. Tomorrow morning is another matter.

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                  1. re: Marine Engineer

                    sounds awesome!

                    Which was your favorite?

                    1. re: erin07nyc

                      I liked the grilled cured figs wrapped in panceta, but she liked the brussel sprouts, and the aesthetics of Alta. But a great evening. One homerun after another.

                    2. re: Marine Engineer

                      You missed the bone marrow in blue ribbon!

                      1. re: DarthEater

                        I could be wrong, but I think they went to the blue ribbon wine bar.

                    3. I know I'm a day too late, but next time definitely stop in at 'Ino on Bedford for a panini and bruschetta along with fabulous Tuscan wines.