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Aug 27, 2007 07:36 AM

Boiled lobster served with ketchup/catsup??

I was watching a show I normally enjoy a great deal, Rick Stein's Food Heroes which is basically this chef/food writer going around the UK in search of fresh produce/meats/foods that are available to encourage people to explore their own regions and use fresh foods in cooking.

During one of these shows, he was talking about boiled lobster, can't remember the context exactly, but he said something about all it needs is butter to be delightful, but not served with ketchup, "Like the Americans do".

I was flabbergasted. I have never known anyone anywhere here in the US who served ketchup with their lobster (I've had lobster in Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Alaska, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and probably some other places I'm not recalling). Not even cocktail sauce like you get some some shrimp cocktails was included in any lobster meal I've ever had.

This got me wondering... ARE there places in the US where they serve ketchup with lobster? Any of you ever heard of such?

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  1. I'm sure its just a stereotype that American's put ketchup on everything, not a specific region that does that. Just like the belief that Canadians or Dutch put mayo on everything.

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      Hrmph, I suppose. I suppose Rick Stein isn't really good at avoiding stereotypes, he does seem to talk in generalities on his show. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe he was just joking, but it didn't seem like it. :)

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        I'm an American who likes mayo on just about anything, catsup I'm a little pickier about. I prefer mayo with my lobster rolls but I cannot fathom catsup. Maybe I'm just being narrow minded?

        1. Remember when Micah on Top Chef 3 when she served (to the judges) her meatloaf with ketchup because "you Americans like to douse your food in ketchup" or something like that.
          Yeah, you don't want to go there...;-)


          1. My college roommate used to eat raw oysters with ketchup.

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              At my first oyster roast, I might have been 8-9, I was introduced to oysters with catsup and butter and a little oyster liquor. Tasted pretty doggone good to me. It don't know about now. Funny, but oyster roasts just aren't popular in Indiana.

            2. Maybe he means lobster rolls.

              Ironically, pretty much every pub I've been to in England drenches everything in Marie Rose sauce - ketchup and mayo.

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                Ha! That was Thousand Island dressing when I was growing up. I still love to put that on iceberg lettuce. I guess that makes me "oh so American". Actally, dousing my mac and cheese with ketchup probably does it.


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                  Actually, I've heard that ketchup on Kraft macaroni and cheese is common in Canada.

                  1. re: kallis33

                    it is and we actually call it (and the box is labeled "Kraft Dinner")

                    1. re: robgm

                      So that IS what Terrance and Philip were talking about!!

                      (South Park)

                      1. re: dude

                        Kraft Dinner is a meal in itself or the like hamburger helper-a great base for comfort food

                        1. re: Davwud

                          Wow, how intersting! Kraft Dinner, who knew? My husband dips grilled cheese in ketchup too.

                    2. re: monavano

                      my Swedish roomate used to put ketchup on everything - grilled cheese, tomato-cream sauces with pasta!

                      1. re: fara

                        My in-laws are Swedish and I've eaten a lot of Swedish food, and I can promise that this was a habit that was specific to your roommate and not typical of Swedes in general.

                        I love ketchup personally (has anybody read Jeffrey Steingarten's ode to it?), but putting it on lobster is just wrong.

                  2. The only thing I can think is that the fries on the side had ketchup: or else he's thinking of the cocktail sauce traditionally served with shrimp or oysters. I'm going to figure he wasn't talking about American/Maine lobster in the UK? I thought "local" would be rock lobster?