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Aug 27, 2007 07:08 AM

Stanton Social--are they typically this rude?

We arrived with a large group for dinner and drinks early enough to be seated at the lounge area. Ordered multiple bottles of wines, cocktails and practically everything from the tasting menu (i.e. dropped several thousand dollars). While our waitress was lovely, the hostess and bouncers (yes several of them) were unbelievable. For some reason they thought it ok to hover over us and insist that we move so that others could get seated -- when 4 of our group of almost 20 went to the restroom or out for a smoke. Its like someone seating you at a table for 6 and being asked to move over to squeeze in another 3 because they had a line!

Re: food. Very good and many options for both meat eaters and vegs who eat fish...However, the oft-raved about french onion soup dumplings were underwhelming, oily, rich and unsublime (unlike good soup dumplings and good french onion soup). The yellowtail sashimi was delish.

I can not recommend this place for a large group. If I had known the rudeness of the service there, we would have happily gone elsewhere (Landmarc for sure--the same bottle of wine was $18 less there compared to Stanton!), and in the future, we sure will.

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