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torta and bahn mi on the westside

looking for good mexican and vietnamese sandwiches on the west side... any suggestions???

(sorry if this topic already exists, i just cannot figure out how to efficiently search for stuff on chowhound)

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  1. I liked the tortas at Taco Plus, on Ohio at Bundy, but it's been years since I've been there.

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      Taco Plus is still awesome, though no refried beans for the tortas.

    2. Mexican: the cemitas poblanas truck that's parked on the north side of Venice Blvd., near Centinela.

      I'd also be curious about the tortas at Pepe's Tacos at the corner of Culver and Centinela - I really like their food but haven't had the tortas.

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        I like the cemitas poblanas truck that's parked by the Smart and Final on Venice Blvd, just west of Clarington. Good cemitas as well as tortas.

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          Haven't tried the cemitas or tortas yet, but that truck in front of the Smart & Final is awesome.

      2. The tortas at Monte Alban (Santa Monica/Brockton) are very good. The cemitas at the Cemitas Poblanas truck are fantastic.

        As for banh mi, I can offer you no guidance on the westside. I always travel to SGV for those...

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          Or, try El Super Taco which is next door to Monte Alban and supposedly run by MA...

        2. I think that the only place that sells Vietnamese sandwiches on the west side is Pho 99 (On Wilshire Blvd, near Wilshire & Granville, in the same plaza as Buffet City).

          But to be fair: I've never actually ordered their banh mi there, so I can't comment on how good or bad it is.

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            How's the rest of the food at Pho 99? Better than Le Saigon?

          2. I recently went to Sky's Taco on Pico between Fairfax and LaBrea, and their tortas were really quite good, I thought. In full disclosure, I'm NOT a torta aficionado. But I had their chicken torta and thought it was fantastic, richly spicy and just the right kind of greasy.

            1. we don't have any good banh mi over here. it really makes me sad. on the other hand, i've also really been liking the taco plus tortas in the mini mall right next door to monte alban on santa monica blvd.

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                Taco Plus next to Monte Alban? Taco Plus is on Ohio and Bundy, but El Super Taco is next to Monte Alban--is that the place you mean? I've only been there once, and had the flautas (decent), but I noticed all the sandwich presses for the tortas.

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                  SORRY!!! not taco plus but super taco is what i meant, they have really good tortas there...sorry bout that....

              2. Tortas at Taqueria Sachez are on the very large side and they are very generous with the meat of your choice as well as the guacamole. The al pastor never fails me when I've had a long day and want something that will beg me to pop open a good cervesa...

                1. The tortas at Pancho's on Lincoln (West side of the street between Ocean Park and Rose--just a few feet North of La Playita) are actually pretty good. It is super close to my house so I often end up there and have never been disappointed.