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The search for the best soda???

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I've recently become very interested in microbrew sodas. I know Bev Mo has a large selection but I don't know where to start. Can anyone share some input on this subject?

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  1. If you're ever near the Beverly Glen Market at Bev Glen and Mulholland, they have an interesting smattering of random, rarer sodas, particularly bottled.

    1. I haven't really looked at their stock, but there's a specialty soda stand at the Farmer's Market (the one by the Grove).

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          Agree. (Isn't it nice when somebody asks a question that actually has a single, correct answer?)

          1. Get thee to Galco's.

            Galco's Old World Grocery
            5702 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

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              Whoa--exact same sentiment, exact same posting time.

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                Yeah, well I snuck the link in... :D

            2. I don't know what you're looking for, but if you think Bev Mo's selection is large, get thee to Highland Park for Galco's--it'll blow your mind.

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                The cool thing about Galco's is that even if he doesn't have something, he can tell you all about it, and where you can get it, if it's still being made. I thought I could stump him with some old brands I used to get back in the 50s, and he knew every one.

                But I no longer need to go there for Bubble Up, they have it at Famima now.

              2. fourth or fifth for Galco's

                I would just go weekly and fill up two six packs with different soda every time.

                I personally am a root beer and creme soda fan, so those are the ones I hit. I like Sprecher's a whole lot. they do good reuglar beer, too.

                Moxi is interesting,and one of the oldest sodas in the US.

                Look for malta and other alcohol free grain made soft drinks. A great flavor.

                Just have fun. maybe you should do soda tasting flights with your friends. A root beer flight, creme soda flight, orange flight, malt soft drink flight, cherry flight, blue soft drink flight, and so on.

                1. My kids favor a brand of soda called Izze.

                  It's fruit juice flavored and they have pomegranate, clementine, grapefruit and a few others.

                  We buy them at Beverage Warehouse in Culver City, where I also buy my beer. I've never been to a BevMo or Galco's so I can't compare, but Bev Warehouse is a good spot if you are near Culver City, nice people and a nice selection of beer, sodas, waters and spirits.

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                    Izze's can often be found at Starbucks. And they dust the bottles, if you're into that kind of thing.

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                      I buy my Izze at Target--although not all Target's carry it. I know I've seen it in the Burbank location(the one with the planes) and the new one in Glendale. They put it on sale every couple of months!

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                        I think I've seen Izze at the Whole Foods in El Segundo.

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                          Izze is pretty much all over

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                            Yeah, I didn't think it was ubiquitous, but I didn't think it was hard to find, either. Not something I'd make a trip to Bev Mo or Galco's for--I'd want something rarer.

                        1. I've been on a hunt for European Fanta, but I couldn't find any at Galco's. I've also been looking for some elusive Japanese Ice Cucumber Pepsi, but I wasn't able to find any in the grocery stores in Little Tokyo (or Famima!!). Any ideas?

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                              Mexican Coke is good, but nothing prepared me for how much I feel in love with the Coca Cola in Peru. Like Mexican CC, it's real sugar, but there was also a hint of some spices that was really interesting.

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                                Couldn't be real coca, given the location?

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                                  Yes, but doesn't Coca Cola also use some real coca everywhere? (or is that an urban legend)

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                                    Yes and no. Coca-Cola hasn't used cocaine in the formula since 1903, although they still use a "non-narcotic coca leaf extract":


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                                      Well yeah, you can have coca leaf, but not cocaine. But people still get freaked out about it.

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                                        Which is probably why the company swears "It's not real coca leaf"

                            2. Another good one is the Dr Pepper from the Texas bottling plant.

                              1. Micro-brewed Sprechers Root Beer from Milwaukee is made with real vanilla and honey. I found a case at BevMo in Culver City, but it was a bit dusty and tasted a bit old. It was still much better than any of the supermarket sodas. When fresh, it's the best soda I ever tasted.


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                                  I love the Sprecher line. Their hard stuff is good, too. Abita does a good root beer. You can get sprecher from a keg, I believe, at Lucky Devil's. Very fresh.

                                  Bulldog root beer is also very nice.

                                  I also like some of the really bitey ginger beers, like the jamaican and aussie ones.

                                2. Also Real Soda in Real Bottles www.realsoda.com has stuff from around the world.

                                  1. Thank you for your input. I will definitely make a visit to Galco's since everyone said it was the best.

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                                      Don't forget to try Apple Beer. Grew up with the stuff (and the now defunct Cherry Beer). It was a happy, happy day when I first found it in LA at Surfas. Also at Galco and BevMo.

                                      Great thread.

                                    2. Started trying GUS (Grown-Up Soda) after having some at French Laundry. Grabbed a 4-pak at the new Whole Foods in Tustin. Only seen it at Santa Monica Seafood, but It's prob at Galco's. The dry crimson grape was pretty cool.

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                                        I've seen GUS at some Gelson's and WHole Foods locations.