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Aug 26, 2007 11:14 PM

A Dinner Show?

Does anyone have recommendations for a decent dinner & show type of deal anywhere in the LA area (for adults, not children)? Preferably this would be something along the lines of Teatro ZinZanni in San Francisco with better-than-average "dinner show" food & fairly decent entertainment. While I know a dinner + show package usually means quality has to give somewhere, and it's usually the food, as long as it is not Medieval Times type of food fare, I think we will be okay.

Any recommendations? (Anywhere within LA metro is fine and so is any price.)

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  1. The Other Side

    It's in Silverlake, they have a caberte and nice food.

    1. Does jazz count? If so, Vibrato Jazz and Grill in Bel Air.

      El Cid has flamenco dinner theatre.

      If you'll do a murder mystery, there's one at Aphrodesiac, the old Lunaira space. There's also one at the Harbor House in Marina del Rey. Also, one at Cucina Paradiso on Motor.

      One other option would be to do dinner at a comedy club such as the Improv.

      1. The original comment has been removed