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Aug 26, 2007 10:11 PM

breakfast burrito?

Wondering where they make a good one.
Preferably involving guac, cheese, and potatoes.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. re: Evan G

        My personal favs:

        1. Pepe's (alhambra) My #1 all time fav. Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon, Beans, Cheese.... great comfort food if you're familar w/ Pepe's.
        2. J&S Montebello: After heavy drinking...this salty concoction just hits the spot along w/ greasy taquitos and generic guacamole.
        3. The Taco Room: Only had it twice, and the First time was just phenomenal. The second time was avg.
        4. El Loco: Greasy & Salty....but still good eats.

      2. You must go to Golden Eagle in Signal Hill. It's huge, fresh and delicious. Eggs, cheese, hash browns, sausage, bacon and salsa. I recommend salsa on the side or eat it with ketchup. They could probably give you some guac too. For more on Golden Eagle and pics...

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        1. re: Oh Robin

          A second here for Golden Eagle! Their hasbrowns on the inside really taste buttter. I get mine with salsa and most days I have both breakfast and lunch with one of those monsters...craveable fo sho!

        2. I had the nastiest (that's nastiest, not tastiest) breakfast burrito I've ever had at the Campos on Jefferson in the Ross/Target mall. It sounded good, potatoes, cheese, meat of your choice. The cheese tasted like Cheeze Whiz, the potatoes were deep fried, there was zero bacon, and that guacamole was watery. Plus $1.69 for a small coke (ouch!) I do have to say the egg was cooked really nice and soft.

          There was an odd service issue as well. They clearly had forgotten my order. It was a slow morning and a couple of people who ordered after me got their orders. The counter woman said in Spanish to the cook "what happened to the breakfast burrito?" He said "what breakfast burrito, who did you tell about a breakfast burrito" she said "Esteban." But then, oddly, the next burrito up was a chicken burrito. Now here's the weird part. Instead of just giving the guy who ordered the chicken burrito his burrito, she says "no, the breakfast burrito is first." And leaves the chicken burrito just sitting there! It's like they didn't want to serve him first since my order had been forgotten. But why let his food get cold, it's not his fault! I wasn't sure what was going on until my order came up, they handed it to me, and then they gave other burrito that was sitting there to the guy.

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          1. re: writergirl

            I see Campos' everywhere, but I never see anyone inside them. Are they any good?

            1. re: Evan G

              campos used to rule back in the day. i think there are so many now its really about which one your going to.

              1. re: Evan G

                I had only been once before (to the same one) and I can't remember that trip. I certainly remember this one! Blech. I was really hungry when I got my order, but it was so icky I didn't eat it (I took it to go as we were hitting the road, so I couldn't even complain!)

            2. Has anyone had the b-fast burrito at Lucy's Drive-In (Pico/La Brea). I keep hearing raves. What's in the mix?