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Looking for a Beautiful, Romantic Restaurant in LA to have a Wedding Reception....

Do you have any ideas? I'd like to do it anywhere from the Westside (Santa Monica) to Downtown LA to pasadena?

I don't want to spend a fortune....Thanks so much! By the way it is a November Wedding.

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  1. I had my wedding reception for 250 at Reuben's in Marina Del Rey 16 years ago...beautiful view, extremely reasonably priced, good food (and their contract cake baker was Hansen's, where we would have ordered anyway!), easy parking, and we took unbelievable pictures on the beach right outside...

    I hope it's still there!

    1. How many guests do you anticipate? Consider Chez Mimi on 26th Street in Santa Monica.

      1. I'm not sure what you consider expensive, but the Victorian House on Main Street in Santa Monica is a great, great place. They decorate the place very nicely and the kitchen turns out very good food.

        1. Cliff's Edge on Edgecliff/Sunset in Silver Lake has one of the best, most romantic settings in LA, but it's a little on the small side.

          1. Inn of The seventh Ray in Topanga is lovely, and handles receptions. Can be pricey.

            the patio at Ca Del Sole is nice.

              1. We had ours at La Terza....fabulous but not in the "beautiful, romantic" way. What about Michael's in SM? Or Il Cielo? I know they do a ton of weddings and it's very romantic. Or Cicada downtown?

                Good luck and congratulations!

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                  Thank you all very much for your suggestions...Suebee...sounds like you did your homework for your wedding...why did you finally go w/ La Terza?? Where is it located? Wondering what pros and cons were?? Thanks again everyone! SO HELPFUL!!!

                2. Take a look at Il Moro, just off Olympic near Sawtelle. We held my son's Bar Mitzvah reception there and it was perfect for 150 guests. It's magnificent food and relatively reasonable in price, the people there couldn;t have been nicer and more accomodating. They've redone the interior so there's a space for coctails and GREAT hors deuvres ,and a lovely patio with heaters. I think it's just a beautiful, splendid place. But go take a look.

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                    Okay guys! These have all been great suggestions...I am going looking this weekend...any others that you think should be in the running???

                  2. Just had a party for 80 at Firefly. Homey service (even the owner's daughter, about 7 years old, helped with the service). It's in a tent attached to a small building, which makes it more interesting and somehow more romantic. Food was imaginative - especially the extensive hors d'ouveres - and everything was clearly lovingly made (grilled marinated London Broil was especially tender and very rare) and, again, "homey". They were also into making sangria in addition to the usual wine, etc, which made it more festive. This is a very comfortable and party friendly place.

                    1. michael's in santa monica

                      1. My daughter got married a couple of years ago at Amada's in Buena Park. It all indoors with the whole skyroof rolling back to expose the sunlight, flowing bamboo pond, and stage on the inside. The guests are seated around the sides and enjoy a full bar and reception room with even a dance floor. Amada's if located right off the 5 Fwy in an industrial area setting.


                        1. i am not sure how much they charge, but CICADA in downtown LA has a beautiful location w/ 2 separate floors, gorgeous chandeliers, etc. a co-worker mentioned great things and i think it wouldnt hurt to call and find out their rates. good luck!
                          (213) 488-9488
                          617 S Olive St
                          Los Angeles, CA

                          1. I was married at Michael's in SM last September. You can fit about 120 outside and on the patio, keeping the inside for a dance floor... they have a roof which can retract in case of rain. check their website for event photos... many of them were from my wedding! I don't think it was cheap, but the minimums might be less if you had your wedding on a Sunday.

                            I've also been to Cicada downtown for a wedding and really liked the space.