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Aug 26, 2007 09:22 PM

Lunch in Chartres

I'm going to be visiting the Cathedral in Chartres, and was wondering what a good place for lunch would be. Anything near the cathedral or the train station or in between would be good. I would love to find a restaurant serving local cuisine if possible.

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  1. It's not only that I don't know, but I have been looking -- as far as I know, this is an area (the whole Beauce and Chartres region) with great foods in shop, but no good restaurant.

    So please let us know if you find anything.

    1. My good friend Brigitte Cazalis-Collins' father used to have a restaurant across the street from the cathedral The name escapes me right now. I'm pretty sure he doesn't own it any more, but it might still be there. However, have no idea what the quality is.

      Hopefully someone will come along who has some ideas.

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        Is it Henry IV? I ate there years ago, but alas can't help with updated information.

      2. Le Buisson Ardent, which is on a side street a block or so from the Cathedral, may still be a good place to eat. Address is 10 rue au Lait. It gets good recommendations on the net.

        In looking up the address, I find this URL which gives information about a number of restaurants in Chartres. Might be of help to you.

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          The restaurant of the classic old hotel Le Grand Monarque, which has been featured in Michelin for 100 years is very good; our friends from Paris took us there for Sunday lunch as a good example of a typical restaurant of the provinces.