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Sad news - Sal Cosentino Sr. passed away (One of the owners of Cosentino

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Sad news here - Sal Cosentino Sr., Cosentino's Markets passed away this week.



If you stop by the market, I'm sure a kind word will be greatly appreciated.
Sal, we're going to miss you !

Growing up in San Jose in the early 60's, I always enjoyed going to Cosentino's Market on Bascom Avenue. I remember the wonderful smell of the fruit as I was walking up to the store. And "fishing for pickles" out of the the pickle barrels (does anyone even do that anymore?!), and eating the end off of the sourdough bread before we got to the checkout line. And one time, when I was very, very, young, squeezing multiple loaves of bread "to see how fresh they are". You can imagine my horror when I saw the deep handprint marks I had left, and I quickly moved to another aisle, hoping my mom didn't notice I had just ruined 5-6 loaves and made them impossible to sell!

Back then, the Fruit stand really had the leading role, and the other groceries were in the supporting actors. Lot of things have changed since then, but I still enjoy going to Cosentino's whenever I'm in the area (I've moved 30+ miles away).

Now more than ever, I'll look back and remember the fond memories I have of Cosentinos.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm 3000 miles away now but used to live within walking distance of the store. You always used to see the "brothers" working there - Sal was the produce specialist I think.

    He'll be missed.

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      He was not the produce specialist. He was in charge of the gourmet foods.