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Aug 26, 2007 08:18 PM

tacos etc in eastern jackson heights

I'm moving to jackson heights (around the 90th st 7 stop). What's the story about chow in my new neighborhood? I see a lot of street food, a lot of tacos, a lot of mexican resturants.

What stands out? Where should I get tacos? What are the jewels of eastern jackson heights?

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  1. I don't live in the area, but I do eat there! JH is one of the most talked-about 'hoods on all of CH- You may want to check out these recent threads, and then do a search according to whatever specifics you had in mind:

    1. lucky you, great hood for eats, and just to second coatzingo again (had a cemita milanesa de pollo yesterday, the bomb!). also, there is a great colombian bakery on 86th or 87th street, and 37th Avenue, it's called La Nueva I think, and not to be confused with another La Nueva which is a block down on the corner; this place is NOT on the corner, and is in the middle of the block, on the last block of 37th Avenue before it becomes residential; you'll know the place because of all the soccer gear sold in the place; excellent baked goods both savory and sweet, paninis, empanadas, tortillas, and various specials as well. great place.

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        and don't forget the arepa lady. i believe she parks somewhere around 85th or so under the 7 train. her arepa chocolo is amazing.