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Aug 26, 2007 07:49 PM

Proper oven temp for pizza

What do people use? I've been trying 550, but I guess I'm not rolling the dough thin enough b/c the top is quite done before the middle is cooked through. I guess I will try a lower temp (425?). Maybe higher temps are just for those who can crank it up to 800 or so in their wood burning ovens.

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  1. I use 550. Are you preheating the pizza stone long enough? I leave my oven on at least 45 minutes prior to cooking the pizza. That way the stone cooks the pizza from the bottom and crisps it up while the top cooks.

    1. You are using impulse power when you actually require maximum warp drive capability.

      1. 550 is what I use for thin crust pizzas. Stuffed and or thicker crust pizzas should bake at a lower temp IMO. ( I use 425)
        Try stretching the dough if rolling doesn't get it thin enough.

        1. I use 500, and I agree that you want to make sure your stone is hot enough. My method for thin crust is to bake it on a pizze tray (the round one with little holes) for about 8 minutes, until the top is nearly done, then slide it onto the stone for about 2 minutes, which finsihes the bottom. For Chicago style I cook it in a cast iron skillet at 450

          1. I use 500, but that's only because my oven won't get any hotter! I preheat quarry tiles for a full hour and stretch the dough quite thin. It takes about 8 minutes to get nice black spots on the bottom.