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Aug 26, 2007 06:10 PM

Location for wedding reception dinner???

I'm looking for a restaurant in the Los Angeles region of South Bay for my wedding reception dinner. We are getting married in Palos Verdes Estates, hoping to find something in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, etc. I've looked into Kincaids but they will not accept reservations past 5pm for a party of my size (approx. 20). Also tried Venezia Italian Grill but was not impressed with the customer service.

I'm from the San Diego area and not at all familiar with this part of L.A. so any help is really appreciated!


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      1. re: aprilmarie

        Assuming it is a Saturday? Do you have preference for type of cuisine? How formal? A sit down dinner in a private room or a big table in a room with live music and other people?

    1. Yes, what size is your party and how much do you want to spend? Wedding receptions are not like they used to be a long time ago. It cost cost a pretty penny if held at a real swanky place. I've attend receptions at Ports of Call which was nice and at extra fancy places like the Amada in Buena Park. Most hotels will cater to parties like the Holiday Inn if you're just looking for dining.

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      1. re: Clinton

        Yes, it is a Saturday. I'm open as far as type of cuisine but would prefer a nice steak house or Italian. I would prefer a private room. Our ceremony will be very simple and intimate, I would like the dinner to be the same. Hoping to find a place with great atmosphere, food and drinks of course =)

        1. re: aprilmarie

          I am still thinking about this but hear is what I have so far:

          Trump Golf Resort in PV has two or three restaurants. I have been to the more casual one. The view is incredible-not sure if that will apply depending on when you plan to have reception. The food was good-it's an eclectic array with an emphasis on seafood. The setting is very elegant. It's new too so everything is still gleaming.
          Baleen-in The Porto Fino Hotel in Redondo. I think so-may be another hotel. Again the emphasis is seafood with an Asian flair. I like the food and the service was good. I think they have a private room to. I am not sure.

          I do not eat steak so leave it to others--Charthouse in Redondo may be a good choice.

          For Italian-I cannot think of a perfect place place that will hold a party of twenty on a Saturday. I do recommend the following though are worth checking into:

          Cafe Pinguine-In Playa Del Rey (may be too far?) BUT has a beautiful twinkle lights lit patio and a charming interior space. Maybe you could take over the outside patio. I LOVE the food-simnple and delicious, and the service is very friendly too. I think they may serve wine only....

          In Hermosa, there are two places I like BOTH for food and atmosphere:
          La Sosta-another small place-you'd probably have to buy them out to get in on a Saturday. Excellent food, romantic candlelit setting.
          Again in Hermosa-On Pier Ave is a place called Buona Vita (I think that is spelling). Very popular-less romantic but still has a cozy and sometimes boisterous atmosphere. Good food and they can definitely do a party of twenty.

          There is a new Italian place called Paradiso Cafe in Hollywood Riviera area that may be promising but I have not been. Perhaps someone else can chime in..

          I'll come back when my brain is recharged with more. I know how hard it is to organize a wedding, especially when you are planning an event in unfamiliar territory.

          There are others with better information than I that will over suggestions.

          1. re: Densible

            I second checking out Caffe Pinguini. Very nice people, small space, and it seems like the kind of place that would be very accommodating for you. Great outside seating with those pretty lights.

            Another to consider is Second City Bistro in El Segundo. Overall it's American food, but they have a number of steaks and seafood on the menu. They have a nice back patio that could take your party. Very nice service and great wine.

            Caffe Pinguini
            6935 Pacific Ave, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

            Second City Bistro
            223 Richmond St, El Segundo, CA 90245

      2. Charthouse

        Redondo Beach Pier area

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        1. re: Fat Billie

          Thank you SO much for all of your help!!! I really appreciate it!!!

        2. Christine in Torrance has a private banquet room. It's hard to label their cuisine..the website calls it "contemporary Pacific Rim and Mediterranean with French influences." Whatever it is, their food is excellent. The restaurant itself has a nice decor, but I've never been in their private room. The website is Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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          1. re: Nicole

            I was hesitant to list Christine's as I was not sure if they had a room or not. I have to disagree about the food-I find it over done and over sauced. I know it's a local favorite, so my opinion may just be one voice in the wilderness.

          2. I would recommend Avenue in Manhattan Beach. I had my rehearsal dinner there about a year ago and could not have been happier with food or service. There were about 35 in our group and we bought out the entire restaurant. I belive that they have options for smaller groups, but no private room. The owner, Christian Shaffer, will work with you on the menu that you want. There were three entree options for guests to choose from.

            Avenue Restaurant
            1141 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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            1. re: hungry_monkey

              Agree that Avenue is excellent, in both food and service. The only reason I didn't mention them is the numbers issue...20 is a large group for a small restaurant to accommodate, but not large enough to buy it out. But it doesn't hurt to call and ask if they can accommodate you.