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Aug 26, 2007 05:52 PM

Bangkok Delight - Columbia, Md

Has anyone ever been to Bangkok Delight in Columbia? Recs/Suggestions for better Thai restaurants?


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  1. When I went to Bangkok Delight in the past it was mediocre. I think a much better spot is Bangkok Garden which is on Robert Oliver Place near the Oakland Mills Village Center, it's very authentic Thai.

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      Do you have any favorites on Bangkok Garden's menu? I'm looking for close to authentic pad thai.

      Bangkok Garden's web site:

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        My faves are the spicy bean thread with pork and shrimp (yum woon sen?) and the fried fish filet in chili sauce. Their pad thai is just OK but still tasty. I've always found their portions to be generous, and its one of the few Thai places that gives large amounts of jasmine rice.

        I never realized they had another branch in Bethesda!

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          FYI: The Bethesda branch of Bangkok Garden is the original location. The owner passed that on to one son, then opened the Columbia location for his other son.

          I've never had a problem food-wise at the Bethesda location but some people have said to check and see if the regular cook / chef was working, since they have some days of the week off and the food may not be consistent / as tasty on those days <--- a simple tip applicable to most if not all places but something I never thought about until my friend brought it up.

    2. Bangkok Delight was good when they first opened about 20 years ago, but they've really gone downhill. I agree that Bangkok Garden is a better choice today. Their panang curry is awesome, and you usually can't go wrong ordering one of their specials - we got that Goong Obb Woon Sen last week and it was really good. Their noodles are tasty but a little greasy for my liking; maybe that's more "authentic", I don't know.

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        Has anyone ever been to Neramitra Thai at the Crystal City Shops in Va.? I thought the Massaman Curry that I got there was good. However, I felt that they skimped on the portion sizes. How are the portions at Bangkok Garden?

      2. Bangkok Garden is definitely much better in Columbia! I happen to like their Pad Thai, although I don't know how 'authentic' it is. We love their whole fish (flounder) with the chile garlic sauce, Angel Shrimp (pink-ish coconut curry sauce) is really yummy, and I had some crab dumplings there that were really good and unexpected!

        1. I suggest Sapphire Restaurant in Laurel, which has both Thai and Indian food. They have an outstanding buffet-see Don't let the name of the web site fool you; they have great Thai food for a good price.

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            None of the link on Sapphire's web site work.