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Aug 26, 2007 05:11 PM

Miller High Life in Manhattan?

Before moving to the city 2 months ago I lived in Chicago and regularly bought cans of miller high life at liquor stores / bodegas / supermarkets through out the city. However now that I am living in morningside heights I can't seem to locate "The Champagne of Beers". Does anyone know of any bodegas / liquor stores that sell it? (other miller products are not a substitute),


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  1. I've also noticed MHL is somewhat difficult to find. Maybe suppliers feel it doesn't sell well in NYC b/c most New Yorkers either buy the cheap stuff or tend toward foreign beers and microbreweries.

    1. hmm. i've never noticed a problem, but maybe that's because my bodega sells it. it's on 9th ave between 18th and 19th, right in the middle of the block. bottles though, no cans.

      1. I have also noticed the problem of New York only having really cheap bad beer or micro brewery beer. If anyone knows of a place to get the cans (much better than the bottles in my opinion) in manhattan, please let us all know.

        1. not a bodega, not overly convenient to your location, and not cans, but i just had a bucket of this (not by myself) at mad hatter saloon on 3rd ave and about 26th st.

          1. Just to enlighten the OP on NY's peculiar liquor laws. Beer (and wine coolers) are available in any food store with a beer license (supermarkets, bodegas. drugstores, beverage distributors, etc.) but NOT in liquor stores. Wine (but not wine coolers) and spirits are available ONLY in liquor stores. There are no chain liquor stores as no entity can own more than one liquor store. Therefore, only one Trader Joe's and one Whole Foods in New York State sells wine and spirits. Technically, they do it in a separate store adjacent to the food store as liquor stores are not allowed to sell anything but wines and liquors and a few ancillary items like stemware and corkscrews.