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Aug 26, 2007 04:42 PM

Soup Dumplings with seafood and/or vegetables only?

Does such a thing exist? I had seafood soup dumplings delivered from Goodies, but what I got was mostly pork with a few shreds of crab. Unless they just sent the wrong thing by mistake. Anyone?

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  1. no i dont think you can b/c the way you make soup dumplings is with like gelatinous fat (sounds gross, but its basically just chilled fatty pork) with pork and that melts when you steam it to create the "soup"

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    1. re: Lau

      I hate you for probably being right. But as someone perhaps overfamiliar with gefilte fish, I know that gel is not exclusive to pork. Maybe it's time for WD-50 to step up & create this sorely needed food.

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        In Asia, there is a version of soup dumplings made with hairy crab meat and roe (and probably with a little pork), and they are very flavorful with the soup that has the crab roe "juice". Some restaurants do try to offer some variations with different fillings, but they are generally just called dumplings rather than soup dumplings because you can't really recreate the "soupy" effect.

        Stanton Social has a french onion soup dumpling which is quite innovative for that sake!

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          As someone else all too familiar with the gefilte fish gel-- that wouldn't work for soup dumplings (not necessarily that spefically, but something of that texture). As the other posters noted what is required to make the soup is an aspic, something that would be hard to replicate without something nice and fatty... ie. pork.

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            Sometimes the "soup" is frozen, or agar agar could be used to create the aspic, but as crab soup dumplings are traditionally made with pork and crab this is one for the "experimental" chefs.
            The onion soup dumplings at Stanton Social are great, but the soup is beef.

      2. I'm not clear on what "soup dumplings" are. But if you want dumpling soup, go to Vegetarian Dim Sum House on Pell St. in Chinatown and ask for the watercress dumpling soup (not on the main menu). Delicious.

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          Thanks, but nope, those are not soup dumplings.

        2. If you are looking for something a little different, I had delicious french onion soup dumplings at Stanton Social this weekend. You will want to double check though that the soup broth doesn't have a beef base or anything.

          They were really tasty...covered in gruyere cheese on the outside and carmelized onions on the inside. Different and delicious!

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          1. re: Elyssa

            They have a beef base, unfortunately, as Stuffed Monkey points out above. It was a trip to Stanton Social the week it opened that got me thinking about this in the first place.

            1. re: small h

              yeah's shanghai has snow pea shoot soup dumplings. not as "soupy" as a typical soup dumpling, but still a good amount of juice inside. the filling is finely chopped snow pea shoots, which are very flavorful and fres tasting. a nice changeup from standard pork soup dumplings, but maybe not quite what you are looking for.

              1. re: FattyDumplin

                Hey, thanks! Doesn't sound like my platonic ideal, but semi-veg's like me must take what we can get. I am a great fan of the pea shoot, so this is definitely worth checking out.

          2. There's a version in the SF Bay Area (Koi Palace) that uses all dungeness crab meat. It's a true soup dumpling in the Shanghainese XLB sense but not in the Joe's Shanghai sense.

            1. the Shanghainese restaurant on the corner of Bayard and Mulberry has delicious crab soup dumplings. I'm not sure whether or not these have pork in them, as I know they also have pork soup dumplings.... but these are divine!