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Ice Milk

Does anyone remember this from the early 1960's? Like ice cream, only ice milk. A low fat, less expensive version of the popular frozen dessert. Now they charge more for low fat. :-D Still available anywhere in the US?

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  1. i remmber from the 80s!


    I guess they changed the name to "low fat ice cream"


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      Isn't gelato basically the same thing? Iced milk as oppose to cream?

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        Gelato has a rich texture...ice milk had a lightness to it texturally, as I recall.

    2. Dairy Queen soft serve was always ice milk as well. I remember it saying so somewhere on some of the cups or other packaging, and this would have been in the late 70s probably, very early 80s possibly. Looks like they switched to the new terminology like everyone else. It says on the nutrition info area of their web site that DQ Soft Serve is a low fat ice cream.

      Although it does seem today's lowfat ice creams have ways of making them taste more creamy and less icy than the old days. (Edy's Slow Churned anyone?)

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        I think Chick Fil A's "Ice Dream" is ice milk, isn't it?

      2. My grandparents always had a container of ice milk in their freezer, in the late 60s/early 70's. It was never very satisfying.

        But I loved the Neopolitan ice cream from Thrifty's they would buy. Is that still a flavor option?

        1. My grandmother always had chocolate ice milk in her freezer in the 70s and 80s. She liked it because it was low fat. It was very refreshing and we just accepted that that's what she had.

          The classic treat at her house was chocolate ice milk with Vernor's ginger ale--a complex taste that will always remind me of summer up north in Michigan.

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            Hey Ya'll, Chocolate milk with GINGER ALE in it?????!!!! Ok this little southern girl wonders, "What in a ham sandwich is that all about?" :-) Sounds absoutely...uummm...awful. I will have to try that I guess. lol
            I Grew up near Atlanta,GA. I asked my husband (grew up in Chicago) of 32 years if he remembered ice milk. LOL He had no clue what I was talking about. But then he didn't even know that cat fish was eatable untill a few years after we were married. :-)
            Who remembers "snow cream"? You would not believe how many yankees (including my sweet husband) who never heard of it !! We USE TO have snow in central GA nearly every year, and made snow cream lots of times.
            I found a company who actually manufactures it ! Mayfield Dairy Farms in Athens, TN. My grocery store special orders me a case (4 cartons) every week. I am addicted lolol. It is very close to what Momma and Mammaw use to make. Check out the story of the product- www.mayfielddairy.com.
            Ya'll have a blessed day.

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              Hello Momma Lion

              I am a yahkee, but my mom is from the south. I remember snow cream, it was so good that I would make myself sick eating so much. The choc milk and ginger ale yuck. I have tried peppsi and milk before it's like a melted coke foalt. Have a recpie for snow cream?

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                the snow cream I used to make when I was a kid was really simple. Clean snow (no yellow snow) vanilla and milk. Mix it up and yum! lol

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                LOL Momma Lion. When I was growing up we had an retired couple living next door. I was always over there pestering them because I didn't have any grandparents. I remember many an afternoon sharing a bowl of ice milk w/grape juice poured over it. I thought they were nuts until the first time I tasted it. I continued eating it the same way long after they passed on.
                The other day I mentioned to my husband, "I wonder if they make ice milk anymore, I'm sure craving some with grape juice." .. So here I am reading from all of you that it's very difficult to find these days.. *sighs*. And I agree, it's not the fat content, it was the texture of it, very similar to homemade ice cream out of the ice cream maker.
                Oh well, gone by the wayside along with ChumGum and so many other yummy things.
                I'm going to check out the homemade recipes posted. Perhaps one will strike my fancy and I'll try it out.

            2. I remember always being mad about getting shafted with ice milk instead of ice cream...

              1. Dad to this day prefers ice milk and has resorted to making his own. He used to get us the box with a little dutch girl and tulips on it, if I remember correctly. Does that sound right?

                1. I haven't even thought about it since the latter 70s. I actually don't remember if I've seen it in NYC, but it was around plenty in eastern Mass where I lived at the time. I actually liked it, thuogh not as a "substitute" for ice cream - when I was a kid we usually had some combination/rotation of frozen stuff - ice cream, sherbet, ice milk. I remember asking for ice milk sometimes and IIRC, there was some kind I'm sure horrible tasting combination of orange sherbet and vanilla (or "white" anyway :) ) ice milk that I liked at the time, kinda like a creamsicle in a container...

                  1. If you're on the East Coast at all, Friendly's Fribble was/is made with Ice Milk..

                    1. Is ice milk better for you? I don't understand the difference...

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                        I don't remember anyone being concerned about the health aspects. Ice milk was ALWAYS cheaper than ice cream, and back in the day of one breadwinner and many kids, money was tight.

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                          Well is it the same texture as ice cream just different ingredients? or soft-serve?

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                            It wasn't as rich and creamy, because it had less fat. It could be soft serve (as with Dairy Queen) or it could be the typical packaging at the store. I agree, I don't think anyone paid much attention to the health aspect. But since low fat is in we now have low fat ice cream instead. And it's not really the same, because they now use new ingredients and/or processes to get the low fat ice cream to be more like regular in texture and taste.

                            DQ soft serve is still the same, though, as far as I know (haven't had one in years).

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                              Not soft serve. It had a lighter, less rich texture. I too was disappointed when my mom got it, but I would probably like it now. And yes, it was about having less fat.

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                            Hi sunkissed, I think ice milk was (is) more icey in texture thank ice cream. I love it ! I am 58 yrs old and remember it well. Also snow cream. Ever heard of it? I grew up near Atlanta and we had snow most winters back in the day. We made snow cream a often. I think the product that is manufactured by Mayfield Daries in Athens, TN called "Snow Cream" is actually ice milk. lol It tastes similar to what I remember from my childhood anyway. It also tastes a lot like what we use to make from the snow. Not creamy so much, but crunchy and icey.
                            My husband who grew up in Chicago never heard of snow cream lol.
                            Aaaannnnyway, have a blessed day.

                          3. I remember my mom buying that stuff in the 70's. Do they still make it?

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                              They used to serve us that in elementary school lunches. I always wondered why I got sick after eating it until someone mentioned that I might be lactose intolerant. From then on I scowled and sulked when the only school lunch dessert option was ice milk.

                            2. Bischoff's in Teaneck, NJ still sells ice milk in tons of flavors. It's good stuff.


                              1. How do you make ice milk? Is there a way to make it low calorie and not too icy?

                                1. ICE MILK

                                  Ice Milk: What used to be called 'ice milk', is now usually called 'light' or reduced fat' ice cream. It contains from 2% to 7% milkfat, and a minimum of 11% total milk solids.

                                  I've been looking for Ice Milk and this popped up after searching on Google.

                                  1. This is what I've found regarding Ice Milk

                                    Ice Milk: What used to be called 'ice milk', is now usually called 'light' or reduced fat' ice cream. It contains from 2% to 7% milkfat, and a minimum of 11% total milk solids.

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                                      I was wondering if you had tested this yet. Have you found any products yet that have the taste and texture of ice milk? That's what I want, but I hate being the guinea pig.
                                      My concern with the light/reduced fat concept is that I wouldn't be surprised if they have extra stuff in them to make the taste and texture more like ice cream.
                                      It would be nice to find an ice milk type product that was ready to eat out of the carton. Usually I take regular vanilla ice cream and add ice water and soy milk/non-fat milk and refreeze it. Yes, I know how gross that sounds. ;}

                                    2. I remember Farm Store selling Ice Milk. I bought it all the time in the l960"s and l970,s in Hollywood, FL. They don"t have Farm Stores in central Fl. Farm Store may not make it anymore. I am looking for a recipe for Vanilla Ice Milk that I can make in my small electric Ice Cream maker (2 Quarts.) Does anyone have one or a site I can get one? JK67

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                                        I know that the ice cream my grandma makes at home tastes and has the texture of ice milk. I'll try and see if I can get the recipe!

                                      2. I remember Ice Milk all too well. Its nothing like "low fat ice cream" or soft serve. I used to love it!! It was so light and sweet.... you could feel the ice crystals on your tongue as you ate it. Sort of a cross between ice cream and snow cream. It was dense, yet crystalized.

                                        1. I don't know where to get any, but I sure am craving it! It had an ice-y crunch to it that ice cream will never be able to do. And it made you cool off faster than ice cream.