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Aug 26, 2007 04:11 PM

Ice Milk

Does anyone remember this from the early 1960's? Like ice cream, only ice milk. A low fat, less expensive version of the popular frozen dessert. Now they charge more for low fat. :-D Still available anywhere in the US?

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  1. i remmber from the 80s!

    I guess they changed the name to "low fat ice cream"


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    1. re: Xericx

      Isn't gelato basically the same thing? Iced milk as oppose to cream?

      1. re: KTinNYC

        Gelato has a rich milk had a lightness to it texturally, as I recall.

    2. Dairy Queen soft serve was always ice milk as well. I remember it saying so somewhere on some of the cups or other packaging, and this would have been in the late 70s probably, very early 80s possibly. Looks like they switched to the new terminology like everyone else. It says on the nutrition info area of their web site that DQ Soft Serve is a low fat ice cream.

      Although it does seem today's lowfat ice creams have ways of making them taste more creamy and less icy than the old days. (Edy's Slow Churned anyone?)

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      1. re: CrazyOne

        I think Chick Fil A's "Ice Dream" is ice milk, isn't it?

      2. My grandparents always had a container of ice milk in their freezer, in the late 60s/early 70's. It was never very satisfying.

        But I loved the Neopolitan ice cream from Thrifty's they would buy. Is that still a flavor option?

        1. My grandmother always had chocolate ice milk in her freezer in the 70s and 80s. She liked it because it was low fat. It was very refreshing and we just accepted that that's what she had.

          The classic treat at her house was chocolate ice milk with Vernor's ginger ale--a complex taste that will always remind me of summer up north in Michigan.

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          1. re: dct

            Hey Ya'll, Chocolate milk with GINGER ALE in it?????!!!! Ok this little southern girl wonders, "What in a ham sandwich is that all about?" :-) Sounds absoutely...uummm...awful. I will have to try that I guess. lol
            I Grew up near Atlanta,GA. I asked my husband (grew up in Chicago) of 32 years if he remembered ice milk. LOL He had no clue what I was talking about. But then he didn't even know that cat fish was eatable untill a few years after we were married. :-)
            Who remembers "snow cream"? You would not believe how many yankees (including my sweet husband) who never heard of it !! We USE TO have snow in central GA nearly every year, and made snow cream lots of times.
            I found a company who actually manufactures it ! Mayfield Dairy Farms in Athens, TN. My grocery store special orders me a case (4 cartons) every week. I am addicted lolol. It is very close to what Momma and Mammaw use to make. Check out the story of the product-
            Ya'll have a blessed day.

            1. re: Momma Lion

              Hello Momma Lion

              I am a yahkee, but my mom is from the south. I remember snow cream, it was so good that I would make myself sick eating so much. The choc milk and ginger ale yuck. I have tried peppsi and milk before it's like a melted coke foalt. Have a recpie for snow cream?

              1. re: matt6v33

                the snow cream I used to make when I was a kid was really simple. Clean snow (no yellow snow) vanilla and milk. Mix it up and yum! lol

              2. re: Momma Lion

                LOL Momma Lion. When I was growing up we had an retired couple living next door. I was always over there pestering them because I didn't have any grandparents. I remember many an afternoon sharing a bowl of ice milk w/grape juice poured over it. I thought they were nuts until the first time I tasted it. I continued eating it the same way long after they passed on.
                The other day I mentioned to my husband, "I wonder if they make ice milk anymore, I'm sure craving some with grape juice." .. So here I am reading from all of you that it's very difficult to find these days.. *sighs*. And I agree, it's not the fat content, it was the texture of it, very similar to homemade ice cream out of the ice cream maker.
                Oh well, gone by the wayside along with ChumGum and so many other yummy things.
                I'm going to check out the homemade recipes posted. Perhaps one will strike my fancy and I'll try it out.

            2. I remember always being mad about getting shafted with ice milk instead of ice cream...