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Aug 26, 2007 03:10 PM


My husband and I will be visiting anacortes in Sept....any great restaurant suggestions to this newbie?

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  1. Yes!!! If you like mediterianian food you have to go to "Greek Isles" in Anacortes. The food was really good there. Reservations are recommended but we didn't have them and got in on a wednesday night but the place was packed!

    1. A lot of our old favorites in Anacortes are gone, but here's a few of the new ones/survivors:
      Rockfish Grill for decent brews and good fried stuff and salads.
      Bellissima for Italian comfort food (mmm, lemon garlic prawns).
      Adrift for fun ambience (it was a bookstore in a previous life, they left a lot of the shelving intact), weird food concepts and bad service (I'll admit I've only been there once, not sure we'll go back)
      Star Bar looks really promising, a bit fancier than the others - it's next on our list to try!

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        thank you to both previous answers. will give them a try. we are actually thinking of relocating there from Idaho, sounds like you live there. any insight?

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          I live nearby. Anacortes isn't really on the way anywhere (besides the islands) from our place, but we visit to check out the restaurant scene and go hiking on their awesome city park trails. It's a beautiful town, but expensive. One thing I love about this area is that we're easy driving distance from both Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., two fabulous food cities! Skagit County is pretty rural and even the towns shut down early, so it's nice to occasionally escape to the big city.

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            Thank you Freida, understand about the towns closing down. We live in the small town of Sandpoint Id, and they close up early here too...especially in the winter, but thats ok, we love our little gettaways, so sounds like that would be the perfect place to gettaway to, I love seattle, and the restaurants incredible, have never been to vancouver, looking forward to it.

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            We moved to Anacortes 7 years ago, after living in Seattle all our lives (50 plus years). We love it here. We have a few local favorites including the Brown Lantern Ale House with an excellent selection of micro brew taps, really good burgers and fries and interesting sounding specials (although we're so stuck on the South of the Border burger that we hardly ever have anything else.) There's also a very cool Hawaiian place in town with a fun outdoor tiki patio, and good authentic "plate lunch" type food, a very good Japanese place,
            Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, where we always have really good Tonkatsu Donburi, Hong Kong Garden, a good old fashioned Chinese Restaurant that we've been enjoying for 25 years (we've been boating up her for lots of years before we moved up here,) that serves really good noodle soups (House Special Noodles, with wontons, chicken, prawn, tons of vegetables, great broth,)and a really great Teryiyaki place, Teriyaki Time, which we think is the best we've had--especially the spicy chicken teriyaki. We've also heard good things about the current head chef at the Majestic Hotel , Bill Ray, who used to have a very popular place out by the ferry terminal, but we haven't been there since he's taken over.
            We do love good food, and we generally find enough good stuff around here to keep us happy. And of course there's also Laconner
            (love the LaConner Brewery) and Edison (Old Edison Inn is really good, best fried Calamari we've had in a long time.) And the specialty foods store Slough Foods is great, as well as the bakery next door. And then if you're willing to travel a bit farther up or down the interstate, you have Vancouver, a little more than an hour north (with amazing asian food, especally in in Richmond) or Seattle 90 minutes to the south.
            In short, although this is not a gourmet enclave, it's a great place to live, and close enough to good food to please most folks. If you move here, we hope you love it as much as we do! SusanC

            1. re: SusanC

              IMO, Rock Fish Grill is nothing special and neither is the food at the Brown Lantern. However, the Brown Lantern is definitely a good place to go for a beer or just to hang out.

              I agree with a previous post that the service at Adrift leaves something to be desired but the food is good and the laidback library atmosphere is kind of fun. They have unique seafood entrees and use a lot of local ingredients.

              My favorite place in Anacortes is the Majestic. I have only eaten there as part of catered events but the food was excellent every single time!

              I also like Il Posto for Italian food and although I haven't been there, everyone I know is obsessed with Gere-a-deli. Apparently the sandwhiches are amazing but they aren't open for dinner (the reason I've never been there).

              If you don't mind going a little out of the way, head down 20 towards Whidbey Island and hit Deception Cafe. It looks like a crummy shack outside and the inside isn't much better but I have dined there many many times and each time the food was excellent. Try the steak or Kathy's pasta or the homemade veggie burger or anything really, I've never had a bad meal there.

              1. re: movesalot

                thank you both, susan and movesalot....I guess it is just all perspective.
                I appreciate all the suggestions and we will try to visit all the good ones you suggested. Now a good realtor??

          3. re: Freida

            Just visited Whidbey and I highly recommend the Rockfish Grill. Excellent food and great beer. Also close by in La Conner is the La Conner Brewery. They had a brown ale that reminded me of Newcastle. Very tasty pizzas as well.

          4. About a year ago, I had dinner at Bellisimo--I had an incredible seafood salad!

            1. Finally visited Star Bar in Anacortes. It was great. The service was a little awkward and the kitchen got swamped, but it has great ambience, the bar area is fabulously cool, and the food was superb. Went with some friends and got duck with a fresh corn risotto (odd concept, but tasty), short ribs with gnocchi, halibut, and roasted chicken. Everything was very nicely done. We will be going back to hibernate in the lounge.

              1. I know I'm a little late posting here, but if you do relocate. Make sure you go to La Vien Rose Bakery.. wonderful bread and baked goods, they also have soup and sandwich lunches.