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Aug 26, 2007 02:13 PM

Boneyard Last Night! Yummy, I invented a new dish!

It turns out my homebrewing hubby and Aaron are well-aquainted!

We had:

the Heirloom tomato tower with bleu cheese-very good

an order of Sweet Potato Fries_ yummy, but HUUUGGEE order!

Him: duck confit salad-excellent (I tried some)

Me: the boneyard Burrito: I asked them to do mine not with brisket nor steak nor chicken nor portabello, but with the house baked beans. They complied and it was AMAZING! The beans had little bits of pork and brisket in there, and were just great in a burito. Aaron and our server were both eager to try it. I also suggested they do the burrito with baked beans as nachos or a salad as well. Go and ask to try it that way, too.

We drank

Hogaarden wit
Hebrew Origin pommegranite
Florigaarden Apple Ale (very sweet,-but not candy ish. my fave...sorta too girly for my husband.)
Speedway stout (too bitter for me, but otherwise nice)

I only drank half pints of two and tasted the other two.

Huuge platters of meat everywhere.

It was great, we were stuffed, we'll be back!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it.
    I was there and had that new duck confit salad, which was really good as you say. Also the pulled pork dumplings, yet again, with cole slaw. Seemingly cannot order those when 2 at the table want an appetizer.
    Brought my own McPrice Myers 2005 Syrah and paid the corkage. Super syrah, btw. Was a big hit at the Bonaccorsi tasting of Central Coast Wines in Wallys in Westwood 3 weeks ago. Got it at Silver Lake Wines before that tasting.

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    1. re: carter

      hey carter, i haven't gotten to boneyard recently, but do they still have the bbq shrimp there?

      and any venison dishes on the menu right now?

      have you seen gumbo on the menu or anything else interesting?

      did aron cook at a restaurant in the south before boneyard???

      1. re: kevin

        When I went, there was no gumbo or venison.

        Good Duck salad, though!

        The shrimp is available on salads, I think. I don't rememebr if they were on the menu at the time (last sat)

        1. re: kevin

          No, Aaron took it off the menu as he said it was a slow seller and time consuming to make. Too bad, one of the best items he has ever had on the menu.
          No venison as of now, yet Kangaroo has been on and off lately.

          1. re: carter

            the problem is the specials only usually seem to be good, and your earlier rec on the bbq shrimp sounded like it would be great. too bad. at least he does have frequent specials?

          2. re: kevin

            Kevin, have you tried the venison at Josie's? It's amazingly delicious.

        2. It's fun to invent a new dish, though I suspect that the product specialists at Taco Bell might dispute your claim to have created the bean burrito...although I guess I've never seen a BAKED bean burrito on the 99 cent menu. Refried, definitely. But never baked.

          Seriously now, I'm big fan of the Boneyard Bistro's smoky beef brisket. Too many BBQ places try to sneak by without so much as a nod to actual smoking technique (because it takes time, money, knowledge and effort), instead choosing to slather on glorified catsup and declare their meat "barbecued."

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          1. re: techbod

            No, I didn't mean I invented the bean burrito, silly, I meant I put together something new on the boneyard bistro menu.

            And is it GOOODD!

            I found the sauce not like ketchup at all, and the brisket had a very nice smoke ring when we sampled it-and a great flavor.