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Aug 26, 2007 02:04 PM

caterers in montreal

looking for a good caterering company in montreal. need food for a tour company

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  1. It would help to know how many people you are looking to feed, what the budget would be and for how many days. I ask not because I'm nosy, but because I might know someone who can help

    1. i just had a party yesterday with java u catering it was amazing....also fressers on decaire ........great place.....

      1. I used one called Les gants blancs on Duluth street just east of St-Denis. I used it a couple of times for adult parties and one time for the high school where I teach for the kids Christmas party. Her prices are reasonable and the food is excellent. The woman who owns it is called Constance Rozon if my memory serves me correctly.
        I ordered a couple of times a cold buffet only and another time, hot and cold buffet. Her food is fresh and excellent and she is nice to do business with. She is very accomodating. I'd recommand her to anyone.

        1. I've used Dansereau many many times for business meetings - they're not cheap, but they are quite good - although it depends what sort of food you're looking for.