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Aug 26, 2007 01:59 PM

Week in Trastevere--Help Please

We are staying at Hotel Santa Maria for a week at the beginning of November and are
going to try to eat out but like a local for the entire week. Any help? Cost is really
no object, just wonderful food. Thanks for your help.

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  1. The only restaurant-restaurant I ever go to in Trastevere is Paris, largely for the Jewish repertoire, but they also have good fish, coda alla vaccinara, and other typical dishes. Above Trast on the Janiculum, I like Antico Arco, much discusses here recently. Other than nice restaurants, however, Trastevere is full of little places, bars, wine bars, trattorias (many people like Augusto, though it leaves me pretty cold), pizzerias, and lots of food shops. Also, you can just walk over Ponte Garibaldi or Ponte Sisto and you're in the center of Rome. Don't miss pizza bianca at Frontoni on viale Trast. For sit-down evening pizza Ivo is more of a trattoria, "l'obitorio" ("the morgue", so called for the marble tables), more of a squat-and-gobble with very good Roman thin-crust pizza. All these places are frequented by locals (I'm not so sure about Augusto, but it must be). You'll be within walking/tramride distance of Largo Argentina too.

    1. When we were there we ate at:
      Dar Poeta - which is a very popular local pizza place
      Vizi Capitali - the concierge reccomended it. The food was good, not "traditional" I would say but very interesting and no complaints.

      1. I'd second the recommendation for Frontoni. For lunch, we had a bite at Frontoni (Viale Trastevere 52, closed Sunday) - it's more of a snackbar/pizzeria/antipasti (grilled veggies/seafood salads) and drinks (wine/liquor). They have a lot of options, which is good if you're going with your family or kids. It was packed with locals, and the food was good.

        1. Da Othello for a marvelous antipasti bar--you can make a meal from it.
          La Strada's primi and secondi are better than those at Da Othello.
          We weren't too impressed with the pizza at Da Ivo.

          1. Had a great meal at La Strada a couple summers ago. Want to recommend to a friend. Anyone have the address?