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Aug 26, 2007 01:24 PM

Lunch near the 56/Ted Williams Parkway?

What are some good lunch spots near the Camino Del Sur exit off of 56/Ted Williams Parkwayl? I'm willing to go as far as La Bastide but closer is good too. Looking more for places like La Bastide or other good sit down places rather than fast food.

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  1. I haven't tried lunch but my dinner at Pamir Kabob House (Afghan food) in Poway was outstanding. You might give it a try. They have also lunch specials.

    1. You might consider Nugent's Fishgrille. I haven't been since they moved, but I used to like them in their old location in Del Mar. They have really good shrimp bisque!

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        I have eaten at the Nugent's Fishgrille on several occasions as lately I have been working about a mile from there.

        Disappointing at best. I would describe the food in general as both boring and greasy.

        If you don't mind being spendy, Mesquite should be good, I haven't actually eaten there, so take this with a grain of salt, but I've eaten at their sister restaurant (Zenbu in LJ) and it was pretty good.

      2. In OB there is a great burger place called Hodads have you tryied it?

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          "In OB there is a great burger place called Hodads have you tryied it?

          Even under the best of conditions, Hodad's is a good half hour from 56 / Camino Del Sur. Are you sure you meant to comment in this particular thread?

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            Don't you think OB is a little far away from 56/Ted Williams Parkway for a lunch ?

          2. There is that Pat & Oscar's-like place in the Albertsons shopping center off Camino del Sur (I think it is owned by the original Pat & Oscars people?) but that may be too "fast foodish" for you. A little further east right after the 15 exit is Oggi's Pizza (I like their pizzas with white sauce). Again, it's not in the category of La Bastide.

            Further north at Carmel Mtn. is Champagne Bakery (next to Trader Joe's and Ralphs) and they have good lunch sandwiches and soups. I had a yummy turkey sandwich on a croissant there.

            Down the 15 at the Rancho Penasquitos exit is Sushi USA - it's our go-to place for sushi because it's close, good, and you get little pieces of extra sashimi with sushi orders.

            Pamir Kabob House is at Poway Road and Pomerado Road and they do have good lunch specials. I'd say it's about 10 minutes east of the freeway (depending on the stoplights).

            Off the 15 at Scripps Poway Parkway is where Fishgrille is. Service can be spotty and the menu is mostly fried fish baskets, but the chowder is good. On the other side of the freeway (west on Scripps Poway Pkwy) is Mequite, which is more upscale and CA cuisine/steakhouse.

            Cavaillon is pretty near Camino del Sur off the 56, actually, now that I think about it. It gets good praise on this board but I've never looked up their lunch hours.


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              Cavaillon lists no lunch hours. I was going to rec it, but when I checked I realized that they don't do lunch. That's no surprise, because they are in a residential area, not really an area with a lot of places of employment.

              If Coopersmom is willing to head up to the Carmel Mountain Ranch area, she might find Cafe Luna to be up her alley. It is in a strip mall where a Beverages & More, a Carl Jr., and an Olive Garden (gasp!) are located, on the southwest corner of Carmel Mountain Road and Rancho Carmel Drive.

              1. re: RB Hound

                You know, I used to hate Olive Garden with a passion, but I recently ended up there for a business lunch and it was okay. I had a braised short rib dish (good flavor, tender short ribs, not too fatty or chewy, even the pasta was good) and enjoyed it. I even found myself thinking about it weeks later! I also learned that you should ask for salad dressing on the side and if you ask for non-buttered breadsticks they make them right then, meaning you get fresh, warm breadsticks. Much better.


            2. Cafe Luna on Camel Mtn, Rd. (Near Bev Mo) is what you're looking for. I'm in Scripps Ranch and am familiar with and like La Bastide.

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                I'll pile on here - another recommendation for Cafe Luna. There isn't much on the internets about it - no webpage - but an old newspaper review always pops up: http://entertainment.signonsandiego.c...