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Pork... Favourite places to eat it

Your favourite Pork dishes and where to eat it here in Gotham.

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  1. The rack of pork at Bar Americain is fantastic; also love the Berkshire pork at Momofuku Ssam Bar.

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      Going to second the Bo Ssam at Momofuku. Mmmm, pooooork.

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        Wait, are you talking about the steamed buns or the pork shoulder (aka Bo Ssam)? Then again, I love both. And the apple salad with Benton's bacon. And the country hams -- all of them. And the pork ribs.

        Mmmm, pork. David Chang 4 life.

    2. the pernil at Sophie's is good stuff.

      1. There are so many kinds of pork dishes, I don't even know where to start!

        First thing came in mind is Momofuku's Bo ssam and pork bun. The pork that comes with the ramen is also very good.

        The suckling pig at Eleven Madison Park is also additive, though the most recent time that I tried was not as good as before.

        I adore the berkshire pork with spaetzle at Blue Hill

        The suckling pig at Boqueria is also delicious, if not a little conventional.

        Kakuni buta - Japanese dish with the pork belly cooked in sake is a comfort food for me. The version at Morimoto is not really authentic, but it tastes very good!

        On the more "casual" side the pork "toro" (which is actually pork neck meat) at Gyu Kaku and tenderloin katsu at Katsuhama are also my favorites.

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          The first thing that came to mind was the suckling pig at EMP, I agree- though have only been once and it was thoroughly delicious and crunchy and wonderful!

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            Agreed! Humm does amazing things.

        2. The suckling pig at Peasant is one of the best that i've had in the city.

          1. congee village: minced pork and salty fish patty, salt and pepper pork chop
            big wong: cha siew
            shanghai cafe: pork belly
            hsin wong or ny noodletown: roast pig
            lu's 66 (flushing hehe..): fried porkchop. Despite change of ownership...i still love it.

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              I agree that roast pork at most Chinatown or Flushing cantonese restaurants are pretty good. But that 66 fried pork chop is one of my favorites. There's also a little Phillipino place in Queens called Ihawan, which serves the best BBQ Pork Skewers and Fried Pig Knuckles.

            2. Do salumi count? I love to get some good Italian mortadella, maybe some hot sopressata, prosciutto... and pig out. Otherwise, for the non-smoked/aged/cured variety, I do enjoy the crispy pork at Sripraphai (Jackson Heights); steamed pork buns just about anywhere in Chinatown; carnitas just about anywhere (but particularly at Coatzingo, Jackson Heights); ribs at Mo Gridder's BBQ wagon at Hunt's Point in the Bronx; any good Italian restaurant that serves frech pasta with boar ragu-does that count?). Oh, and bacon- on anything!

              1. ramen shops are perhaps my favorite way enjoy pork. Momofuku has been mentioned, but I sometimes prefer the ramen at Minca.

                1. The pork at Momofuku is momofukin' fantastic.

                  Also, the bacon at Peter Luger is the 8th deadly sin. I refuse to ever let even a fraction of a piece of it go to waste.

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                    Weird - the shredded pork they put in Ramen at Momofuku tastes like wet dog to me. I'm not much of a fan.

                    I'm a fan of sam gyup sal - which you can get at many Korean places such as Kunjip - although I have been told that one of the best place is in Bay Side Queens (I've never been).

                    I also really like the smoked pork belly at Fette Sau (although also not Manhattan).

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                      oh yeah, the samgyupsal . . . . that is sick. get it at Ham-Ji-Bak (they have a couple locations, but pretty much the undisputed king of the unmarinated, grilled, pork belly)

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                        Yep that's the place! I didn't realize they had more locations - I'll have to check out the one in Flushing. Thanks.

                  2. I'll throw in the pork chop at Little Owl

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                      Completely agree about the pork chop at the Little Owl. I would also added the crispy pork belly and pickled watermelon salad at Fatty Crab.

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                        mmmmm- that pork belly and watermelon salad is one of my most favorite dishes in the world

                    2. To piggyback (ha) on this post, can anyone recommend a place that does a whole pig roast or "Lechon" that isn't too expensive and served out in individual portions?

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                        if by lechon you refer to the filipino-style of suckling pig, krystal's in manhattan does a serviceable job and they serve it with liver sauce on the side. plenty of crispy skin and juicy meat.

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                          It would be tough to get your fill of anything at krystal's. I don't see krystal's on 1st Ave., anymore.


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                            don't see it like it doesn't exist, or, you just don't see yourself going there? if the latter, agreed; but this is the manhattan board after all, otherwise I'd say march thee over to woodside for ihawan's pork bbq, longanisa or dinuguan.

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                              Just like I wrote, and I repeat - I don't see krystal's on 1st Ave., anymore.

                              So when was the last time when you were there?


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                                ah gotcha; was there last summer. thought it was a dis to the restaurant, not to it no longer existing.

                        2. re: ChowDiva

                          The only place where I've had lechon in NYC is El Gran Bohio on 791 East Tremont Ave (Bronx), it is not close to the lechon at puerto rican lechoneras (which are delicious) but is not bad for a nyc lechon.

                        3. The pork at Five Point is the best pork dish i've ever had in my life. So juicy and seasoned just right.

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                            At brunch, they also do a open-faced Berkshire Bacon Sandwich that is divine.

                          2. Among those that haven't already been mentioned:
                            Pork pie - Myers of Keswick
                            Deep fried ruffle fat - Dragonfly

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                              Is this the Dragonfly that just closed on 7th ave south? I was never there but had no idea that it was a culinary destination-- I think the happy hour signs deterred me (not from drinks, but from food...)

                              1. re: jdream

                                It's not closed. It's undergoing renovation (unless this is a coverup for being DOH'd). It's not exactly a culinary destination, but I love chicharon bulaklak when drinking and as I do most of my drinking on the west side, this is the only destination for me to get my fix.

                                1. re: JungMann

                                  good to know- if it does in fact reopen (who knows these days) i'll have to give it a try... thanks for the insight

                            2. Cuban Sandwich at Spotted Pig. Berkshire Pork at David Chang's Momofuku Ramen bar and Saam bar.

                              1. Two recommendations:

                                DB Bistro Moderne, which has several excellent pork dishes, and Wu Lian Ye, for their Double Cooked Fresh Bacon With Spicy Capsicum (extra spicy please!).

                                * * *

                                Homer: Are you saying you're never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
                                Lisa: No.
                                Homer: Ham?
                                Lisa: No.
                                Homer: Pork chops?
                                Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal.
                                Homer: Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.

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                                  Dry smoked porked ribs at Daisy May's. Resto also had this special one day I was there, vermont heritage bacon with heirloom tomato and onion salad. It was great.

                                2. My house, with some Flying Pigs pork chops or fresh bacon in the pan.

                                  1. Cookshop -- double-smoked in house, thick-cut berkshire pork bacon.

                                    Roast pork buns from Chinatown Brasserie. Oriental Garden also does good ones (baked not steamed) for dim sum.

                                    And let's not forget pork soup dumplings.

                                    1. Beer braised pork belly at the Modern Bar Room and pork belly with smoked yucca at WD 50. (I want to try it at L'Impero, soon! http://nymag.com/daily/food/2007/08/p...)

                                      Almost any pork dish at Lupa, but especially the arista and house made coppa.

                                      The chuletas en salsa pibil (served with chayote in cream sauce and pickled red onions) at La Palapa Rockola on a good day. (When it's good, it's succulent and tender, nicely charred on the outside; when it's bad, it's like eating shoe leather -- total luck of the draw.)

                                      1. Bosam-at any respectable Korean restaurant-basic preparation is boild pork belly all sliced and presented on huge round platter with the following accompaniments-brined whole nappa cabbage leaves, raw oysters, salted baby shrimps,very spicey daikon (white radish) and sometimes another type of rice type wrapper. You put piece of pork in nappa cabbage leaves with any of the side dishes and enjoy!! You will become so addicted to this dish! I enclosed something I found on google.

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                                          holy crap that stuff is good. I've had it at ganmeeok, kunjip, chungmoroo, and a few places, but you know, it's always been delicious but a bit sloppy. be aware that the raw oysters are really bad; the frozen kind that comes in a pile and sometimes, even retains the "corner" from the box! the aforementioned momofuku ssam bar does a "gourmet" version with oysters on the half-shell, etc., but I prefer the pork belly slices in your typical korean restaurant; the dish runs around $20 or a bit more.

                                        2. i don't normally go here, but the one time i did go to maloney & porcelli's i had a dish of crackling pork shank with apple sauce. OMG. crisped up pork skin and tender meat .. ayayay. yummy, but i couldn't finish it. probably because as an asian, i was desperately looking to consume the little piggy with RICE! haha! potatoes didn't quite cut it.

                                          1. Wound up at Public and the Suckling Pig was amazing. Fun place nice service. I am loking forward to going back.

                                            1. the roast pork at NY Noodletown

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                                                This never disappoints. Same for the barbecued pork. I haven't tasted all the Chinatown options, but of the 10 or so I've tried, Noodletown's is the only one that needs none of the sauce that's provided alongside

                                                1. Right now Hearth has a pork-three-ways dish on the menu: slices of loin, a little sausage stuffed into a hollowed-out zucchini, and sweet, sweet pork belly.

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                                                    The braised pork in a smoky daikon broth at Sakagura. Delicious.

                                                    If you make it to the outerboroughs, Al Di La tends to have a variety of pork dishes once the weather cools down. I remember one night when they had an entree of pork three ways: the ribs, a juicy chop and a braised tail...amazing.

                                                  2. I really liked the porkchop at Hill Country...

                                                    1. Try the cracklin pork shank and maloni & porcelli.

                                                      1. Lechon at Sandy's Lechonera, fried pork chops at La Caridad on 78th and Bway, ribs at Virgil's Real BBQ

                                                        1. Berkshire Pork skewers with the shiso at Yakitori Totto
                                                          Suckling baby pig - NY NOodletown
                                                          Pork belly in Minca's toroniku ramen
                                                          Pork belly at the Modern Bar room
                                                          Pork and watermelon pickle salad at Fatty Crab
                                                          Watermelon Gazpacho with pork belly at Degustation.
                                                          Mapo Tofu at Grand Sichuan
                                                          Faggots with crisped pig's ear shavings at Spotted Pig

                                                          1. I'm surprised noone has mentioned the swine of the day at the little giant. It's heavenly with one of their bisquits.

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                                                            1. re: weekenders

                                                              hmm. sounds interesting. I've been meaning to try this place. should i?

                                                            2. Unmentioned so far
                                                              Honey Pork at New Yeah Shanghai Palace- you might forget about the suckling pig at Greater NY Noodletown
                                                              Pork shank at Barbuto on Washington St- You might forget about the one at Mal/Por

                                                              1. I'm a big, big fan of the grilled New Yorker pork dog at Crif Dog.

                                                                1. Little Owl has the best pork dish. Moist, tender, and served with delicious butter beans. Must try.