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Aug 26, 2007 12:20 PM

Pork... Favourite places to eat it

Your favourite Pork dishes and where to eat it here in Gotham.

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  1. The rack of pork at Bar Americain is fantastic; also love the Berkshire pork at Momofuku Ssam Bar.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Going to second the Bo Ssam at Momofuku. Mmmm, pooooork.

      1. re: midtownfoodie

        Wait, are you talking about the steamed buns or the pork shoulder (aka Bo Ssam)? Then again, I love both. And the apple salad with Benton's bacon. And the country hams -- all of them. And the pork ribs.

        Mmmm, pork. David Chang 4 life.

    2. the pernil at Sophie's is good stuff.

      1. There are so many kinds of pork dishes, I don't even know where to start!

        First thing came in mind is Momofuku's Bo ssam and pork bun. The pork that comes with the ramen is also very good.

        The suckling pig at Eleven Madison Park is also additive, though the most recent time that I tried was not as good as before.

        I adore the berkshire pork with spaetzle at Blue Hill

        The suckling pig at Boqueria is also delicious, if not a little conventional.

        Kakuni buta - Japanese dish with the pork belly cooked in sake is a comfort food for me. The version at Morimoto is not really authentic, but it tastes very good!

        On the more "casual" side the pork "toro" (which is actually pork neck meat) at Gyu Kaku and tenderloin katsu at Katsuhama are also my favorites.

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        1. re: kobetobiko

          The first thing that came to mind was the suckling pig at EMP, I agree- though have only been once and it was thoroughly delicious and crunchy and wonderful!

          1. re: jdream

            Agreed! Humm does amazing things.

        2. The suckling pig at Peasant is one of the best that i've had in the city.

          1. congee village: minced pork and salty fish patty, salt and pepper pork chop
            big wong: cha siew
            shanghai cafe: pork belly
            hsin wong or ny noodletown: roast pig
            lu's 66 (flushing hehe..): fried porkchop. Despite change of ownership...i still love it.

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            1. re: DarthEater

              I agree that roast pork at most Chinatown or Flushing cantonese restaurants are pretty good. But that 66 fried pork chop is one of my favorites. There's also a little Phillipino place in Queens called Ihawan, which serves the best BBQ Pork Skewers and Fried Pig Knuckles.