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Aug 26, 2007 11:38 AM

La Jolla lunch

I want to go to take my relatives to lunch in La Jolla tomorrow. I have taken them to Nine Ten before so would like to try something different. Not terribly expensive (Not Georges) but still nice (maybe $11-15 for an entree/sandwich). Would Jack's be an option? Any other suggestions? View would be nice but not manditory.



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  1. Jacks would be a very good choice also Trattoria Aqua and Codys.. actually also Elarios which is la Jolla Shores.. oh I think its Clays now.. great view.. food above average... also Pasquals in the village but no view.. hope this helps.. first off I would do jacks or TA..

    1. I had recently an excellent lunch at Tapenade. Highly recommended. The only place in SD where I had a better lunch so far was at Arterra.

      1. Piatti's at La Jolla Shores has nice lunches in your price range. Nice Mediterranean decor and walking distance to the beach. I had a lamb gyro sandwich there that was really tasty.

        1. I also like Piatti, especially if you sit outside on the patio. George's Ocean Terrace is also in your price range - the food isn't the best you'll ever eat, but the view is spectacular. Jack's downstairs would also be ok, but no view and the service can be spotty. Azul also has a lunch buffet - and just got a good review from Naomi Wise recently. I haven't been lately, but it's discussed in this thread:

          1. We ended up at Jack's for lunch and it was really good!! Had the BLT and it was da bomb! Had one of the seats in the booths overlooking Girard. Beautiful weather today. Thanks for the good suggestion. I will pass the recommendation on. Might even go back some time to try dinner!