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Best Hummus

Just moved from London where one is spoilt for fine Lebanese cuisine.
The hummus on the shelves of Kosher deli's or super markets around the lower Westchester region does not make the grade.It is hard to identify that the origin of
the product is even chick peas.
Are their any good middle eastern speciality stores in Manhattan or lower Westchester that could satisfy my craving ?

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  1. I enjoy the hummus made at Sahadi's. It's worth the short trip from Manhattan. Boro Hall stop - first stop in Brooklyn ... Sahadi's is just a short walk from there. Try their baba ganoush.

    Sahadi's ---> http://www.sahadis.com/about.ihtml

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      Thanks.I will be making the trip before the week is out.

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        sahadi's ultra-ultra-smooth hummus, which, if you're into that, is good. I prefer a slightly chunkier one myself, this stuff is almost too smooth; same for their baba. what is the london/lebanese-style? had some great stuff when I was out there in the spring; forget the name of the place, but in the NE part of london (still zone 1) marylebone area I think? tiny restaurant with an upstairs and maybe 12 seats downstairs, absolutely delicious and kicked the ass of many a NY establishment.

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          Good lebanese hummus comes many ways in London.Favourite is from Noura in the center of town.

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            the place I was thinking of is located right near the edgeware road tube station, about a block away; very narrow two-floor restaurant with the open kitchen downstairs. we had an excellent meal there the last I went. not sure if its lebanese, but definitely middle eastern; they serve this huge flatbread/pitta that was excellent.

    2. This is kind of embarassing but I had a reallllly good hummus at California Pizza Kitchen the other day. It was their Tuscan hummus appetizer, with chunks of tomatoes, basil and olive oil. So good! I prefer the lighter texture to the thick and chunky that I often find in grocery stores.

      1. ummm, the hummus place (st marks between 1st and A). (obvi!)

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          Yes, the hummus place is great!

        2. The Hummous Place has three locations in Manhattan. Great pita. You can get fresh labne and good hummous at all three.

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            I also dislike too-smooth hummus. Hummus place is too smooth. I would like recs from anyone who has found a chunkier, more robust and flavorful blend with plenty of garlic.

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              I'm jumping on the Hummus Place bandwagon too. I never realized how much i love hummus till i had it there. The on St. Marks b/w 1st and A, though i'm assuming it's the same at all of their locations.

          2. I agree Sahadi's has amazing Hummus. It is worth the trip. Also The Hummus Place has 2 restaurants. One in the East Vilage and the Other on the Upper West Side. There hummus is also delicous. There are a few different types you can choose from. I recommend the hummus with the fava beans. They have great lunch specials.

            1. As long as you are venturing out of your designated area- come to Bay Ridge. Family Store on 3rd and Ovington makes a more tahina based Hummus. My personal favorite for all around choices is Mazza Plaza on 5th and 80th. Super nice owner and great recipes. Karam used to be the top choice, but I find that they are worthy of a downhill alert these days...

              1. samad's at 112th and Broadway used to have great hummous. i'd guess its still great but i haven't had it in quite i while.

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                  Ali Babba'a on 34 street between 3/2 Ave.