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Aug 26, 2007 11:30 AM

Road Trip - heading to Boston from Houston ...

In search of good chow heading through the Virginia, Maryland area as we make our way from Houston to Boston. TIA.

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  1. Native Houstonian here, now residing in Annapolis Maryland. Sorry but your request is so so broad. Price? Cuisine? Intended stops along the way? I suggest you do some searches on this board first (lots of very good detail in here), and then come back with some more pointed questions.

    Safe travels.

    1. My all-time favorite restaurant in Baltimore is Samos. It's excellent, inexpensive, basic Greek food (I actually prefer the basic Greek dishes here). The Greek sampler platter is outstanding as well as their calamari, salids and appetizer spreads. It's a family operation and seems to be rated the absolute best in it's price range - it's rated 27 for food on Zagat and is always a favorite of Baltimore Magazine. If you have to wait in line for a table it is well worth the wait. Amiccis is a good, cheap, family-friendly Italian place in Baltimore's Little Italy. The Chameleon Cafe has good New American food with French infusion $40+ per person. Tersiguel's (French food) is also excellent - $50+ per person and believe it or not there's no dress code and they treat you like you own the place from the time you walk in the door. I'd call in advance to check the hours of any place you're considering. There are some upscale places that I haven't been to like Charleston,The Prime Rib and Roy's where you can spend lots of money and almost be guaranteed of a great meal.

      1. Another place I just thought of that I think is worthwhile is the brunch buffet at The Ambassador Dining Room near The John's Hopkins University Campus. It's something like $15. per person, but nothing beats the atmosphere for the price and you don't have to get dressed up.

        1. Yeah, can you give us any info on planned routes? Are you taking 95? Are you taking back roads? And how far of course are you willing to go for chow?

          1. Regardless of how you're getting there - when you do get there, have dinner at The Franklin Cafe ... I eat there every time I go to Boston and it's always awesome.