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Aug 26, 2007 10:55 AM

Anyone know a nice friendly pub in Oceanside where a girl won't get hassled?

Hello! I am a Brit girl who just moved to Oceanside. I am looking for a nice pub/bar/cocktail lounge where I can go and get a nice pint of beer do the NY Times crossword puzzle and just be left alone to enjoy myself. I have tried a few pubs but seem to get groups of marines standing there ogling and leering at me. Not a comfortable atmosphere! (Nothing against marines, just the leery ones) Are there any nice places, maybe with an older married clientele who aren't there to hit on each other? I don't need fancy, just nice cosy atmosphere.
Thank you!

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  1. try Tom Giblins in the village of Carlsbad. Good pub grub,too

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    1. Oceanside is primarily a military town, due to its proximity to Camp Pendleton and other military establishments. You'll likely have to go out of town.

      1. It's not really a lounge, but you certainly can find decent pints at Pizza Port Carlsbad, and I doubt they mind you work on a crossword, nor I doubt you'd find too many leering types there. A bit to your east in San Marcos, there are three places near each other along San Marcos Blvd that might fit your bill (Churchill's Pub & Grille, Penny Lane Pub and Grill, and the San Marcos Brewery and Grill).

        But I think I'm the third one with this opinion - you definitely need to get a bit away from Oceanside to find the more laid back bars.

        1. Thank you for your answers! I will definitely being trying these pubs out. I was hoping to be able to walk to a local pub in Oceanside (us European types hate driving!) But all these pubs seem nice and not too far of a drive.

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            The Coaster train can take you to Solana Beach, where the train station is directly across the street from another branch of the Pizza Port. It's not walking, but at least it's not driving.

          2. Monterey Bay Canners? The Restaurant is part of the chain (good chowders though) but the bar section here is cozy with a view of the boats docked nearby. The ambiance is far above what you have experienced. I like this place on a cold winter night. A bowl of chowder and a nice beer make it all warm again. I have been there only several times over the last few years but as I recall, most people there are couples or groups of women waiting for tables in the Restaurant. I was always part of a group that just returned from sailing with a relative who has a boat a few steps away. Lots of other boat owners frequent the place as well. Nice place also to sit during the X-mas boat parade.

            Monterey Bay Canners Restaurant
            1325 Harbor Drive North,
            Oceanside, CA 92054

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              Ooh that is only 20 mins walk from my house! Hurrah!!