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Aug 26, 2007 10:43 AM

What are some Don't Miss Restaurants in and around Portland

We live in Dallas,TX and will be in Portland, Oregon for 4 days. What are some "don't miss" restaurants that serve regional food? We plan to day trip up the Columbia Valley and around MT Hood and to the Pacific Coast.

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  1. How about this: Help us help you. What I do before posting in a new city is to take time to read some posts, do some research. Then get back to us by telling more about your taste, budget, and more specific inquiries.
    By "Columbia Valley" (no such thing) I presume you mean Columbia Gorge and Hood River Valley, certainly a lovely trip (take the old hwy). Not much to eat that's worth it on Mt Hood; perhaps try the bar at Timberline Lodge for the view.
    Karla's Krabs (or maybe called Smokehouse) in northern Rockaway on the coast for superb smoked seafood. Not a resto.

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      Thank you. I'm new to this board. I did search on Portland but saw restaurants recommended that were good for children. We won't be having any children with us-it's just 4 adults. We aren't opposed to restaurants that are "child friendly" (we are all grandparents and some of our best times are eating out with our grandchildren), but we don't want to limit our choices to those.

      Living in Dallas, we have access to wonderful restaurants so that is why I asked for restaurants specializing in items from that region. We like every type of restaurant from the little roadside cafe to a 5 star restaurant and would like a sample of each while we are there. We prefer the "non-tourist" and "non-national chain" type of restaurants. We are hoping to try some of the regional wines, too.

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        That might be a comment on the Chowhound search engine problems, but nonetheless-

        They are having a picnic at this hour, but go here:
        Then come back here and discuss

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          Scroll to the bottom of Pacific Northwest, click "next".
          Only a tiny percentage of the subjects are concerning kid-friendly dining, so that's kinda strange that's all you need to explain your lack of interest. =)
          Look for topics such as tip sheet, wine country (which is on way to beach!), coast, visitors' must-eats, local flavor, visitor's report etc.

          Touristy to avoid: Jake's, McCormick & Schmick's, Rock Bottom Brewery, Moe's Chowder.
          Local chains to try: Hot Lips Pizza & Burgerville. The latter has local seasonal favorites such as Walla Walla onion rings & blackberry shakes, former highlights local ingredients, organic when possible.
          The heart of local flavor so you can truly understand what all the fuss is about: Farmers' Market, Saturday AM at Portland State U.
          Ken's Artisan Pizza is worth the wait!
          More local flavor dining: Wildwood, Higgins, Le Pigeon, Paley's.

          When are you coming?

          1. re: Leonardo

            We arrive Sept. 15 so we won't be there in time to go to the Farmer's Market (bad planning-but Southwest Ding Fares dictated when we went).

      2. Le Pigeon on Burnside ,east of the river has wonderful interesting takes on bistro food. the desserts are not to be missed, like the apricot cornbread with apple bacon and maple ice cream. it's like breakfast for dessert. PokPok Thai has terrrific northern Thai food. Navarre is a fun little place in the northeast part of town that does Basque influenced tapas that were great as well. We spent a few days there last month and ate well the whole time

        1. Clyde Comon at the Ace Hotel focuses on regional, seasonal fare, very authentic and simple without being boring. This is my favorite place to eat, no contest.

          1. If you like real Thai food, and don't mind a wait, get yourself to Kuhn Pic on Belmont:


            They have REAL Pahd Thai (no tomato sauce of any kind), and good curry. It's a mom and pop shop - she cooks, he serves. If it's packed, get a glass of wine and socialize - it'll be awhile before your food comes. But the smells are incredible, and the porch seating under the apple trees is unique.

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              I'm new to this site, and not from Portland... but we're heading down there this weekend and I've been doing some research on good places to eat. This guy seems to have a pretty good (and well thought out) list:


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                Thank you. Someone recommended the Bluehour Restaurant. What about Wildwood? Also, it looks like Breakfast places are popular in Portland.

                1. re: northwestkiwi

                  I always hit Lovely Hula Hands when I'm in Portland. Excellent cocktails, excellent meals.

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                    Has anyone eaten or heard of a restaurant called Horse Radish in the Wine Country?

                    1. re: mjtx

                      For breakfast I'd rec Bijou Cafe or J & M cafe.
                      Yes Puddletown is a breakfast kind place. People ride their bike to it, with a lab attached to the handelbars...

                      Wine Country: never heard of Horse Radish. Try Painted Lady (expensive) or Dundee Bistro (moderate).

                      Sure, I'd rec Bluehour & Wildwood.

              2. Try to go to Mother's cafe for breakfast. Go early as there is almost always a line to get in!