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Aug 26, 2007 10:06 AM

OC Fish Taco? Possible?

Gonna be heading down to OC to visit parents. Craving fish tacos. Badly. Any options besides Rubio's? Santa Ana & closeby surrounding areas preferred.

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    1. What part of Santa Ana? Someone will probably chime in with Las Cotijas in Tustin. If you're by South Coast Plaza and don't want Wahoo's, there's Baja Fish Tacos.

      Wahoo's Fish Taco
      3000 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

      Baja Fish Tacos
      3664 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704

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      1. re: Tapeworm

        Yes, Las Cotijas has had very good fish tacos the times that I've been there. Much bigger than Senor Baja, but in the same style.

        Las Cotijas
        642 E 1st St, Tustin, CA 92780

          1. re: Vegasbuff

            And if you do want Senor Baja, there's a branch in Anaheim Hills on Weir Canyon and Serrano, next to Ralphs. (Do you know how many times I typed "Weird Canyon" before I got it right?).

            Also, technically in OC is El Taco Nazo, home of the Best Shrimp Tacos Ever Bar None No Exceptions Better Than Even Ensenada Full Stop, at 121 S. Beach Blvd in (Guada) La Habra.

            1. re: Vegasbuff

              Las Cotijas does fantastic fish tacos.
              But, stick to the fish tacos only.
              Everything else I've tried has been, IMHO, simply awful.

              1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

                We got the fish tacos and the carne asada plate. My husband, didn't even like the fish(overcooked) and ate only half of his taco and the carne asada was pure salt and awful. What a waste of money.

          2. Las Barcas in Hunington Beach on Beach Blvd and Atlanta. This is a local hangout and a lot of surfer eat there. Family own. My friend's son used to work there, I know that they use a good ingredient. Good portion. Carnitas there is also very good.

            You can also order your fish to be grill not deep fry.

            Here is the website

            When I have a visitors from out of town I always take them there and all of them love it.

            It about 15 minutes from Santa Ana which is not too bad for a good quality food.

            The other is Wahoos Fish taco but it is a chain restaurant.

            They have many locations and one 2 locatons on Britrol. I think this is closer to you.

            We like Las Bacas better. You get more for your money and the food is so good.

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            1. re: travelbug2225

              But Wahoo's started as a single restaurant in the late 80s at its Costa Mesa location.

              I'd never heard of fish tacos before Wahoo's.

              1. re: pezworld

                I agree. I think Wahoo's has the best fish tacos. Is it bad that they have more than one location? I don't think its a chain in the same vein as, say, McDonalds or Chili's just because it has expanded. Whenever I go there, to any Wahoo's, I still feel like its a cool neighborhood hangout/dive. At least the fish is grilled and not fried like a lot of the other fish tacos I've tried at other places.

              2. re: travelbug2225

                The portions I get at Wahoo's has always been enough for me. I usually bring food home. If you get the two taco plate with rice and beans, the plate is loaded!

                1. re: avena

                  I ended up going to Rubios, but thanks for the links. Will try em out next time I'm in the OC (next weekend).

                  I like Wahoo's when I want a healthy fish taco. I like Rubio for the uh restaurant style fish tacos. But I LOVE Del Taco fish tacos!

              3. The fish tacos at taco adobe on Main street in Santa Ana are wonderful!