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Aug 26, 2007 10:03 AM

Zatar, Berkeley

We were going to a movie in downtown Berkeley on a Friday night. Went to Zatar on Shattuck, just north of University. A very good choice. The lamb and the black cod were both excellent, seasoned very well, accompanied by delicious summer vegetables. I asked for my fish rare, and rare it was, just right (the bones were a little bit of a challenge). Starters were less wonderful--lamb stuffed in grape lives good but not great, barekas (sp) ditto (had a sense these were as good as they get, maybe just don't think either is inherently my favorite). They start off w/ a complementary plate of zatar and olive oil, w/ flat bread to dip--don't love the flatbread (a bit dry and heavy), but the gesture was nice. Wonderful-sounding ice creams (eg. cardomon)--one of our party ordered creme fraiche ice cream w/ figs and honey and nuts--my taste was delicious. The service was very good, pleasant, capable. The food takes a while to arrive (didn't see the kitchen, but assume it's small--this is a family operation, w/ a baby crying out back!). The room is very pleasant. Steeped mint, served in a beautiful pot, a lovely finish

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  1. We like this place. Given its location near University Ave it is underappreciated in a town with a zillion cheap hole in the wall places for poor students. As someone said previously, if it was a couple of blocks north it would be raved about.