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Aug 26, 2007 09:54 AM

what to serve with coffee ice cream

Having a dinner party tonight and my guest of honor's favorite is Haagen Daaz Coffee Ice Cream. I'm looking for some way to incorporate it into my dessert, any suggestions!?

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  1. Why don't you make warm nutty brownies or mini individual cakes. Scoop the ice cream over it.

    Or make chocolate chocolate chip and cookies and make ice cream sandwiches with the ice cream. You can have a couple of different kinds of ice cream to make the sandwiches because not everybody likes coffee ice cream. You can roll the sandwiches in nuts or toffee (on the ice cream exterior).

    1. How about a coffee & cinnamon duo?
      Cinnamon cake or cookies.

      1. I'd put a scoop on a brownie and then top it off with hot chocolate sauce that has been flavored with some Kahlua

        1. Oh yeah........."chocolate, mocha orgasm," as it's also known.

          1. Let it be the star and serve alongside some hazelnut or almond biscotti drizzled with hot chocolate syrup or fudge.

            Almond florentines... place one on a plate, put on a scoop of ice cream, then top with another florentine; drizzle w/ caramel syrup.