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what to serve with coffee ice cream

Having a dinner party tonight and my guest of honor's favorite is Haagen Daaz Coffee Ice Cream. I'm looking for some way to incorporate it into my dessert, any suggestions!?

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  1. Why don't you make warm nutty brownies or mini individual cakes. Scoop the ice cream over it.

    Or make chocolate chocolate chip and cookies and make ice cream sandwiches with the ice cream. You can have a couple of different kinds of ice cream to make the sandwiches because not everybody likes coffee ice cream. You can roll the sandwiches in nuts or toffee (on the ice cream exterior).

    1. How about a coffee & cinnamon duo?
      Cinnamon cake or cookies.

      1. I'd put a scoop on a brownie and then top it off with hot chocolate sauce that has been flavored with some Kahlua

        1. Oh yeah........."chocolate, mocha orgasm," as it's also known.

          1. Let it be the star and serve alongside some hazelnut or almond biscotti drizzled with hot chocolate syrup or fudge.

            Almond florentines... place one on a plate, put on a scoop of ice cream, then top with another florentine; drizzle w/ caramel syrup.

            1. Anything chocolate will do...If you could find some delicate chocolate cookies, that would be perfect...or you could always go the brownie route...I agree that I would leave the ice cream alone, in case your friend is a "purist" concerning her coffee ice cream!

              1. Baby ice cream sandwiches using the little Italian almond cookies Amaretti di Saronno that come in the red tin. Two cookies are wrapped in each individual tissure "nest." Take one of the cookies and place a melon-ball size of softened coffee ice cream on the flat side, then put the flat side of the other cookie on that, making a tiny sphere of an ice cream sandwich. Re-wrap in the tissue paper and freeze. Thaw for about 15 minutes before serving, or zap for 10 sec. in the microwave. Adorable, extra tasty and the perfect size for dessert.

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                  I would make a peanut butter cake and have chocolate syrup to drizzle over the top..

                2. Coffee ice cream on a nutella crepe

                  1. That's my favorite ice cream, too! I think the ultimate dessert is HD coffee on a warm rich brownie with hot fudge and whipped cream. Crispy chocolate cookies work well, too- (like those wafer-thin chocolate cookies, stacked in a yellow half-box with cellophane on top.... I can't get the name, maybe by Nabisco?). I used to love to eat it on its own, unadulterated. And sometimes I would break up a SKOR or Heath bar on top....hard butter toffee complements it beautifully, better than peanut butter or caramel, IMO. I've done the research!

                    1. it is too late for this time but check out the epicurious recipe for a smores ice cream cake. It is super easy-- my 4 year old twins help (but I made it with mint chip for them).

                      I made it for Fathers Day and my dad and my husband are still talking about it.

                      1. I know this was yesterday, but coffee ice cream is my favorite too, and I think it goes well with anything made with dates!

                        1. One of our favorite restaurants serves this as a dessert, and I have copied it at home.

                          I make a Mud Pie. Make your crust: Pat down a Chocolate cookie crumb (I use Nabisco) Crust, or a crust of crushed Oreos into the bottom and sides of a pie plate. Freeze the crust until frozen solid. Make your filling:
                          Swirl softened Coffee Ice Cream with softened Chocolate Ice Cream. Then pour into the frozen crust. Pile it up high. Smooth the Ice Cream mixture. Cover with Saran Wrap and freeze for at least 24 hours.

                          To serve, take out of freezer 1/2 hour before serving. Cut pie into wedges, and serve with Hot Fudge Sauce flavored with Kahlua, and a dollop of freshly Whipped Heavy Cream.

                          Note: I don't like to use Haaen Dasz. It is too heavy, and way too sweet for this dessert. I use home made, but if I am lazy, I use Starbuck's Coffee Ice Cream and Edy's Dark Chocolate.

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                            I absolutely love REAL Maple Syrup with lightly salted and toasted peacans on coffee ice cream. Serve in Martini Glasses and a dollop of maple flavored real whipped cream and chocolate curls- is the simplest and purest form of heaven to me.

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                              wow- i never thought of coffee ice cream with maple sugar and salt... that sounds incredibly good, and right up my alley. thank you!

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                                The salt is on the pecans- I needed to specify that you needed the roasted/salted pecans because that makes all the difference in the world with the taste.

                          2. Too late for your party, but balsamic marinated strawberries are absolutely unbelievably delicious on coffee ice cream. Simple, and really really good.