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Aug 26, 2007 09:47 AM

NYT Book Review-On Julia

There are two biographises on Julia Child in this week's NYT Book Review.

My favorite paragraph from the review is given below. Kind of prescient and also slightly condeming on the present era of chef worship.


Reading Shapiro reminds us how Julia Child taught us not just how to cook but how to think about food, a quality sorely missing from the work of the glib TV chefs who’ve followed her. Shapiro is alert to today’s overhyped, foodie America, where cooking is fetishized but seldom understood. When she says of Julia, “One of her lasting gifts to the food world was to help make it a place where good minds could settle in for life,” you can just picture her own good mind making itself at home.

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  1. drat- now I do have to get out the book review and lust for books it is hard to find time to read. Redaing the review is good enough, reading the review is good enough. Reading the reviw- just won't do!

    1. Phaedrus, thanks for posting the review. I have been considering the Shapiro book, but have not really been sure about it. Now I think I will get it. Julia would have been 95 last week.

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        Yes, thank you - I didn't get around to reading mine yesterday and will dig it out of the recycle bin!