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Aug 26, 2007 09:39 AM

Breakfast at Little D!

if your looking for a great park slope breakfast (brunch) i highly recommend them - had sour cream pancakes, biscuits and sausage with gravy and my husband had the hangar steak and eggs - all delish - and a great bloody mary - place was nice and quiet too

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  1. Interesting you should post this -- my wife and I had breakfast there on Saturday but did not share your positive experience. We're both huge fans of Little D for dinner which is perhaps why we were so disappointed. The food was surprisingly lazy -- especially for a place that seems to pride itself on high-quality ingredients. The bacon was limp and tasteless and the tomatoes were underripe, grocery-store quality -- and this in late August! Even the toast was lousy -- which was odd because I find the fresh bread they serve at dinner to be one of the highlights of the meal. I even saw a loaf of it by the kitchen, but still they served over-buttered grilled white bread with my eggs. Odd. Still, we'll give them another shot at some point because they are usually so solid at dinner. At least it was nice and quiet!

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      I've been to Little D for brunch 4-5 times and think it is the best brunch in Park Slope. I have been to Applewood (very standard for brunch and a little disappointing), Stone Park Cafe (terrible, my wife's dish was actually inedible), Steinhoff (ok but nothing special) and Flatbush Farms (very disappointing) and, in my opinion, the Little D brunch was the best. The biscuits were excellent (the rose jelly is a stroke of genius) and the scrambled eggs with the hen of the woods mushrooms and polenta cake with parmesan is extremely tasty. The coffee is also very good.

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        while i could never agree applewood as standard, spc as terrible or ff as disappointing, little d for brunch is very solid. had the pork butt/grits yesterday and it was fantastic.

    2. I will agree with Tbird....I had the eggs over easy with peppers in a dish along with some killer was a little bitter but the second cup made up for it...great prices as well (wait are we the same person)????

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        didn't i hear that little d is closing??

        also, agree with's assessment of applewood, SPC and flatbush farms: all pretty lame. i had a disappointing experience at SPC the last time i was there and won't be going back; the food took forever to come and my dining partner's poached eggs were more like hard-boiled.