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Aug 26, 2007 09:15 AM

Jfood in NOLA - Brigtsen's Review

Thanks to all the NOLA chowhounds for their recos and advice. Thought it proper to report back on the trip to bring little jfood to college.

Brigtsens – Located in the Uptown section near Loyola and Tulane, Brigtsens is a converted first floor of a home. There are four dining rooms, each individually decorated. The jfoods liked this place so much that on the one night that they did not have resos they decided to go back for a second visit. The staff immediately makes you feel like you are part of their family. The hostess takes a personal interest in you and your family and by the time you sit, you are totally relaxed and looking forward to a great meal. The menu “changes daily” and there were slightly different choices the two nights. Due to some allergies, we needed to alter one of the dishes and the chef gladly changed a parmesan-crabmeat crusted Tripletail into a shrimp bordelaix sauce (the latter was not even on the menu that night). The food was also outstanding.
Gumbo – dark and rich in the stock and chunks of andouille sausage, rabbit, fish and vegetables. On a cold winter night up north this would make a meal all by itself with a good loaf of bread. This was a perfect 10.
Sautéed rabbit with corn cake and Cajun mustard – ordered as a appetizer, the rabbit was basically the fillet portion of the breast, slightly dredged and sautéed to a crisp light golden brown. Sitting atop a wonderfully moist corn cake and pooled I a Dijon Cajun mustard sauce, this dish was a 9 as there just seemed to be a little something missing for depth..
Tripletail crusted with crabmeat and Parmesan, mashed potatoes and vegetables. The jfoods have never eaten Tripletail and they were fortunate to have it prepared two different ways due to allergies. The first was a wonderful preparation with crab and Parmesan crust topped with a béarnaise sauce. The second was a wonderful shrimp bordelaix sauce that the chef prepared. Served with mashed potatoes (possible the best in the world) and vegetables (which had an Asian influence in flavor). Both of these were 10’s.
Duck with Cherry sauce, mashed potatoes and veggies – The duck is a slow cooked version in which all of the fat is rendered. The de-boned and served with the Asian influenced vegetables and the wonderful mashed potatoes. The skin was crispy, the meat was luscious and there was no fat to speak of, an incredible feat for duck. After two bites when the server arrived to check-in she was more than willing to bring more cherry sauce. Another 10 for this dish.
Drum with shrimp bordelaix sauce – The second night the triple tail was not available so mrs jfood asked for the same preparation with drum. The fish was great, but in comparison to the triple-tail it was not as great, but she still could not stop eating it. She easily gave this dish a 10.
So for the jfood’s the two nights at Brigstens receives a perfect score of 10 for service, food, décor.
Chocolate cake – This cake is prepared daily and the weather definitely plays a part in the texture that the cake takes. On the first night the cake had a slight density to it while on the second night the cake was almost “pillowy” in texture. Both versions were fantastic and both receive a 10 from jfood.
Strawberry w Tres Leche – Quite possible the best “fruit dessert” that jfood has ever eaten. The strawberries were served with a wonderful Tres Leche cake and a mild chocolate mousse topping all of which worked together to make this a perfect 10 in the dessert category for jfood.

Ratings – Food = 10; Service = 10; Décor = 10

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  1. I am so excited!!!! We have finally commited that this will be the locale for Mom's big 80th dinner extravaganza after much debate! When I made reservations last night they could not have been nicer and made a special note that it is her birthday. I love them already!

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    1. re: MellieMac

      roasted duck w/ tart dried cherry sauce is amazing stuff.

    2. We had Mom's 80 th celebration here on Tuesday night. The biggest success of the night was the barbecued shrimp and the duck with the cornbread stuffing and pecan gravy. WOW! Half a duck with deliciously crisp skin, wonderful mashed potatos, string beans, a mushy pile of tasty stuffing and great gravy! My nephew loved the shrimp so much he literally licked the plate. I had the shrimp and crab remoulade to start and was a little disappointed as it wasnt "traditional". It had great flavor but not what I was expecting. I also had the pork tenderloin with dirty rice and veg. The pork was cooked perfectly. We were all stuffed so had a slice of pecan pie with 5 forks. It was delicious too. They could not have been nicer and I had the pleasure of meeting the chef Frank. What a pleasure.

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      1. re: MellieMac

        anyone have a copy of their current menu that they can email for Brigsten's thanks a bunch.

        1. re: kevin

          The menu on their website is current to me with the exception of appetizers. There was no soft shell crab and there was a shrimp and crab thermidor.

          1. re: MellieMac

            are all the entrees under 30 still, is the pecan gravy, pork based or what?

            it's too bad they don't have the cherry sauce for the duck anymore.

            did you have any desserts? what was good in that area of things.?

            1. re: kevin

              I cant remember specific prices but there were 5 of us and the bill was $300 with several glasses of wine, one bottle of wine and 2 after dinner drinks. We had one dessert because we were so full. The pecan pie. It was delicious. And so is there coffee! We were not horrified by the bill at all. I didnt aske the base for the pecan gravy but I can say it was delcious. Perhaps the cherry sauce was a special at some time? when they are in season? Oh, and my sister had the veal with the oysters. She really enjoyed that as well.

              1. re: kevin

                The cherry sauce was being used back in the Spring and Summer. We were there in April and had it. The pecan gravy is used in the Fall and Winter. Funny, in April I said "it's too bad they don't have the pecan gravy." To each his own. Bottom line has already been stated: best duck I have ever tasted.

          2. re: MellieMac

            I loved the duck with the cornbread stuffing and pecan gravy when I had it on my last visit. As one who cut his eyeteeth on Chinese roast duck, I told my waitress that Brigtsens' was the best duck dish I had had outside of Chinatown.

            1. re: chocolatetartguy

              the duck was so good when i had it (it was perfectly deboned and the skin was so crisp that i had to eat all of it) and don't get me started on the cherry sauce, i almost felt bad that i didn't get the roasted grouper with crabmeat or the trufflead crabmeat with the blackeended yellowtail w/ corn relish, but then again the duck was so damn delicious that i could care less.

              1. re: kevin

                yeah, man, Chef Frank and his krewe rock the duck, no doubt. One of the best places I've ever eaten it at.

          3. that's why the duck is so good in contrast to some preparations at chinese restaurants becauase

            "which all of the fat is rendered"