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appetizers for men

hosting a party for 13 guys ( the beer in a can kind) and would like some recipes on bite size snacks or side dishes. no passed trays, just buffet style in my home.


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      Before they move this from Mid-Atlantic ...

      2nd on the wings!

      Also, something steak related is always good. I will sometimes roast a whole beef tenderloin then slice it about 1/8 inch thick and put one slice each on small rounds of garlic bread with some horseradish sauce for dipping.

      1. These go over great with the guys in my life!

        Pizza Cups:

        3 tubes of refrigerated biscuit dough
        2/3 cup of tomato sauce
        1 small package sliced pepperoni (turkey pepperoni ok too)
        1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
        grated parmesan cheese
        prepared pesto (optional)

        Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Chop pepperoni slices into small strips. In a bowl, combine chopped pepperoni, cheese, tomato sauce, and pesto. In a greased muffin pan, spread out a triangle of dough in each muffin cup so the dough goes up the sides of the cup. Fill each dough cup with a tablespoon of the tomato mixture. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Pizza cups should be golden brown on the sides. Enjoy!

        1. Kielbasi (local, not that H*llshire F*rms stuff- even if they do advertise on the site), sliced slightly diagonally, 'bout 1/2" thick, with toothpicks stuck in 'em, on a bed of good 'kraut with caraway seeds, mustard and horseradish on the side.

          1. jalepeno poppers!
            cut the jalepenos in half lengthwise. fill with cheese and shrimp if you like. wrap each in bacon and grill untill the bacon is cooked. rightous!!

            1. buffalo chicken dip, taco dip, chili dogs, philly steak subs, wings, wings, wings, fried zucchini, poppers, hot pepper anything, make your own tacos, chili bar, fajitas, the chili dip with cream cheese layer, hot beanless canned chili layer, hot pepper cheese layer and baked til hot and bubbly, fried cheese, fried breaded ravioli, pre-made subs of ham, salami and provolone dressed w/ shredded iceburg (shudder!), summer tomatoes, banana peppers and oil and vinegar, kielbasa in the (shudder again) bbq sauce, grape jelly and ketchup sauce, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, chips and salsa, chips and salsa/cheese dip and as much ice as your cooler will hold to have REALLY cold beer.

              Yes, we have Direct TV Sunday Ticket and yes, my house is invaded every Sunday from September to January. Use crock pots and nothing fancy. Buy good quality paper plates and bypass napkins for Bounty paper towels by the roll. You will be the star of beer fest!

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                thanks for all your ideas....actually, the taco bar sounds like a great idea. and i too have directv sunday ticket, and this will be my 3rd fantasy football draft party.
                so thanks

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                  Anytime....I used to dread Sundays, now it's more of a relax day for me too. Everything I listed above is pretty quick and easy. Aside from some deep frying, it's generally make ahead. I used to make myself crazy making muffellettas and fancy chicken dishes and then I realized that they are there for three things...food, football and beer. Bounty paper towels all around!

              2. Rumaki--chicken livers and water chestnuts wrapped in bacon and marinated in teriyaki sauce then broiled...you'll have no leftovers!

                1. Chicken Jalapeno Poppers:
                  Peppered bacon cut in half
                  sliced chunks of jalapeno pepper
                  boneless chicken chunks
                  garlic powder
                  Season the chicken, place the jalapeno chunk over and wrap in the bacon. Either bake or grill.

                  1. Franks in a blanket.

                    1. Meat and cheese. Any combo should be fine.

                      I've gotten rave reviews over chili cheese dip. It's a block of melted Velveeta, can of Rotel chiles, can of chili. Too simple, but people love it.

                      Another that is hit and miss is mixing baked beans with pork sausage for a dip. Some people don't care for it, other won't eat anything else.

                      1. Hillshire farms little smokies sausages wrapped in Pillsbury crescent rolls and you can cut them in squares and bake...serve with a good bbq sauce and they are the hit of the party...
                        Guys love these goodies!
                        Also, I go to Costco and get the cheese and meat platter for $28 bucks and serves about 13 guys and some dinner rolls and a big bag of chips and lots of beer and your set.

                          1. Try a humongous antipasto plater served with good (warm) bread. I love to serve these as they are perfect at room temp and offer enough to satisfy pretty much anyone. Use various deli meats, such as prosciutto, salami, capicola, ham, turkey and cheeses such as fresh mozz, provolone, swiss, parm--whatever. I also add roasted peppers, hot peppers, olives, hard boiled eggs sliced in quarters, marinated artichokes, peeled, cooked shrimp, tuna in olive oil. Serve with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the side. It's good for the whole game with no upkeep.

                            1. crab dip is another favorite when I've done this. Oh, and have some sort of candy too- like jelly bellys or m&m's!

                              1. Anything with bacon. Bacon wrapped shrimp, pretty easy.

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                                1. Chicken satay on skewers. This is my favorite thing to make when I want a substantial app at a party. Even the pickiest in my family love it!

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                                    Concur with satays or anything "stickified."

                                    Second the pigs in blankets


                                    Egg Rolls

                                    Pizza Bagels


                                    Corn Dogs

                                    Paninis if you feel like letting them near your waffle maker or a pan and a foil covered brick

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                                      do you have a great recipe for these? I can never find one i like and my husband always requests it!
                                      I also second the pigs in a blanket- everyone loves them! Little pizza's are great and all dips- cream cheese chilli, chicken wing dip, crab, artichoke, almost anything with hot bubbly cheese.
                                      i will think up some more! :)

                                    2. Chinet dinner plates, good plastic cutlery, a huge garbage can nearby, misted beer glasses in the freezer to get the frostiness.

                                      Chicken Wings, traditional and bacon wrapped in the oven
                                      Homemade sloppy joes or chili dog bar
                                      Best baked pasta - cheese and meat a must or Mac and Cheese baked
                                      Stuffed Jalapenos
                                      Deep fried calamari with a good lemony aioli dipping sauce
                                      Large rectangular pizzas made on large cookie sheets and cut into squares
                                      I do BBQd pork tenderloin on bread with a black olive tapenade.
                                      Hollowed out large loaves of crusty artisan Italian bread. Layer with cheeses and cold Italian meats, top with a vegetable tapenade (If you can find a jar of pickled Italian mixed veg, chop finely, add garlic, EVOO and oregano.)Wrap tightly and refrigerate.
                                      Pulled pork in a crock pot for sandwiches.
                                      Italian sausages baked in the oven with onions and peppers, serve with good buns.
                                      Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.
                                      Fajita casserole. Layer salsa, sauteed onions, peppers, cooked seasoned (mexican) chicken boneless skinless sliced. In between layer good cheese. Top with scallions, more cheese. Bake until melted and gooey. Serve with salsa, scream, guac and small flour tortillas - a favourite dish of ours.
                                      Make a pot of best meatballs. Keep warm in a crock pot. SErve with buns and shredded mozz or grated parm (make their own meatball subs)
                                      Salty nuts and pretzels of all kinds

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                                      1. re: itryalot

                                        Wow, itryalot!! What a spread! Can I come over sometime?! ;o)

                                        1. re: Sra. Swanky

                                          My house tends to be sports central with my hubby and his friends. Then, the women come over and feast too. I always have food on hand and in the freezer during football and hockey seasons for that very reason!

                                      2. Druken puppies: little smokie sausages, bourbon, mustard, onions , catsup,and brown sugar. Use a crock pot, put in a diced onion, a heaping jigger of bourbon, about 3/4 cup of catsup, a Tablespoon or more of yellow mustard, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar, and a double pack of little smokies. When the onion is soft, and everything is hot, serve. Ususlly that's about an hour and a half.

                                        You can do this on top of the stove, cook everything except the smokies, when the onions are soft, throw in the smokies. When they are hot serve.
                                        If no smokies, cut up a couple of packages of hot dogs into one inch pieces.

                                          1. re: pepper_mil

                                            Great recs. I find that men for some reason love a block of cream cheese topped with either a chunky salsa or a jalapeno/pepper jam (can be purchased at any grocery store). It is so easy and disappears in 2 seconds - flat! Serve with tortilla chips.

                                          2. Italian Appetizer Squares -
                                            Greased 9X13 pan
                                            Crescent roll dough laid flat in bottom
                                            Layer in sliced ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, roasted red peppers, basil
                                            Repeat layers
                                            Top with crescent roll dough
                                            Beat 4 eggs, add a cup of shredded parmesan, pour over dough
                                            Bake at 350 til golden - usually about 30-40 minutes.
                                            Cut in squares and serve warm or cold

                                            Then change the ingredients to make something else entirely. Enjoy!

                                            1. Something I have been making of late for my duck hunting pals that is a bit tamer than the stuffed jalapenos is to take banana peppers, slice off one end and just a wee bit from the small end so air will flow through. I pipe in some warmed cream cheese and slice little smokies in half and stuff the pepper. I use whole smokies for the large end. Wrap this in bacon and grill. I fold the end of the bacon over the open cream cheese laden end and then wrap it round regular and toothpick it. I like the flavor of the milder banana pepper even better than the jalapeno. They are pretty filling and most guys won't eat more than 2 or 3.

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                                                I like the same but with cherry peppers stuffed with a filling of ricotta, garlic, tomatoes, a smidge of romano and black pepper. Course I'm also the masochist that will finely dice jalapenos into the cheese :)

                                              2. My success from yesterday...

                                                Bacon Wrapped Parmesan Meatballs w/ Buttermilk Dipping Gravy

                                                I softened bread crumbs w/ milk. Mix ground pork, breadcrumbs, onion, egg, parmesan, sage, cayenne, salt and pepper (may add garlic next time). Form into meatballs, and wrap in garlic securing with a toothpick (great for serving for guys :) Cook in skillet heated with olive oil; do in batches to prevent "steaming" rather than browning. Remove meatballs to a plate. Pour off drippings. Add butter, flour and thyme to the pan to form a paste. Add white wine and chicken/veggie stock and bring to a boil til it thickens. Add buttermilk and rebring to a boil, then add salt and pepper. Serve it over or with the meatballs. I let my guys just dip and it was easy to serve with toothpicks.

                                                1. baked clams. they have to be as good as dominick's on arthur avenue (about as blue collar as you can get) so suck it up and make your own. i cribbed the scotto family recipe (fresco by scotto). i make 'em in batches of 36 at a time and never had one left over.

                                                  pulled pork. make it the day before. homemade sauce, homemade slaw is mandatory.

                                                  one of those six-foot, italian subs from a reliable deli always works.

                                                  last thoughts: get really good chips. forget the beer cans and get two pony kegs of really decent beer. you don't want these guys washing down the fruits of your labor with swill.

                                                  ...just my two cents.

                                                  1. For football gatherings my husband always requests the following:
                                                    Potato skins stuffed with different fillings, bacon, jalapeƱo, cheese, sausage, and onions
                                                    Also, stuffed mushrooms and baby calzones, or subs.
                                                    A loaf of french bread stuffed with cheeses, meats, and onions wrapped in foil and baked till heated through then sliced
                                                    Most everything is pretty hearty and beer worthy. I've also made pizza for them and the usual request is pepperoni and sausage with onion, bell pepper, olive and basil.

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                                                    1. re: chef chicklet

                                                      Potato skins are always a hit. If you top them with some sliced steak they will inhale them. I like a little horseradish sour cream and green onions. Yummms.

                                                      You can make the french bread sandwich into french bread pizzas instead. super easy and good.

                                                    2. Potato Skins - vary toppings with bacon, jalapeno, saugsage, cheeses, onions and sour cream.

                                                      Chili burgers, a crock pot of beans, patties and buns in the warming tray, toppings such as cheese, onions, salsa, peppers, cilantro, tomatoes. Make a chili burger.

                                                      Stuffed bread - hollowed out loaf of french bread stuffed with thinly sliced roast beef (from the deli, havarti cheese, grilled onion - wrap warm in the oven and slice into pieces.

                                                      Pizza- Always any kind, sausage and meat combo is the favorite - bake on a cookie sheet and cut squares

                                                      Roast a Ham and have soft square rolls with all the toppings for little sandwiches and the Tri Tip sandwiches- do the same.

                                                      Pickles,pickled onions, pepperocini and hearty mustards for the sandwiches.

                                                      We like to mix the beers up, buying imports, and domestics for tasting. Tall glasses and mugs chilled with lemon and lime/

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                                                        For the last superbowl I made a pot of miniature meatballs and then simmered them in the crockpot - they were a big hit! I think a got the recipe from Epicurious.

                                                        Also, quesadillas with various fillings cut into smaller wedges. I did a fancy one from a Hawaiian cookbook I have that used brie with mango and papaya salsa. Yum!

                                                      2. I will echo alot of the other responses:

                                                        chicken wings
                                                        3 foot or 6 foot sub
                                                        Italian Beef
                                                        egg rolls

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                                                        1. re: swsidejim

                                                          You think Italian beef and 6 foot subs are appetizers? I like your style!

                                                          I second the above, but would like to specify that I think Southwestern eggrolls are an even better take for a party.

                                                          1. re: JungMann

                                                            I should clarify, with the risk of losing your repect. ; )

                                                            Have some Italian beef in a crock pot, and maybe some small 3"-4" pre cut bread for smaller snadwiches, and as someone up-thread recommended a 6 foot sub cut up into smaller sections. Both would be good for quick "snack sized" bites..

                                                            Southwestern eggrolls are a good idea as well.

                                                        2. The dudes in my life also *inhale* classic shrimp cocktail, whether it's a crummy defrosted ring from the convenience store or a homemade version with shell-on fresh poached shrimp and homemade cocktail sauce.

                                                          1. Have to go with a twist on the stuffed jalapeno's... just slit them lengthwise enough to seed and de-vein. Mix cream cheese or soft cheese of choice, sundried tomato, and whatever else sounds good as a filling and stuff them with that mixture. Wrap the whole thing with a bacon strip, you'll want to toothpick it on, and pop them on the grill. When the bacon is crisp they're ready to go.

                                                            1. i made my gram's old "emergency, surprise company" app once, almost as a joke, for an informal bbq type party, because it's super cheap to put together. despite the ghetto-ness, a bunch of dudes, including several chefs, gathered around and cleaned the platter within 15 mins. dh dubbed them "man snacks" and requests them at all gatherings that they'd fly at now. beer in a can dudes would love them. here goes:

                                                              package or 2 of dried beef-- it looks like bigger slices of pepperoni, usually in the refrigerated luncheon meat area of the working man's supermarket

                                                              package of cream cheese (philly is fine, although imo the organic stuff w less gum is better)

                                                              horseradish, s & p or seasoned salt, other seasonings optional

                                                              blend cream cheese and horseradish to taste in standing mixer or by hand, s & p to taste (should taste a little strong & salty). you could attempt to update this w curry, harissa, or other exciting new flavor, but the original will always be the most fave.

                                                              working on a plate, lay out a few circles of dried beef. using a butter knife or small spatula, spread a small amount of the cream cheese mixture in a stripe on the lower half of the dried beef. roll up into a cute little tube, seam down. the cream cheese shouldn't ooze out, if it does you're putting too much in. complete with all dried beef, or until you run out of cream cheese. cover and hide in fridge & don't tell any dudes they are in there. the rolls are best after a few hours-- the beef softens a little and they are *grossly* succulent. or, they are fine to chill in the fridge overnight. very low-key. enjoy.

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                                                              1. re: soupkitten

                                                                Sounds scarinly familiar to my ham roll ups. Scallion, cream cheese inside boiled ham. You're correctomundo, they fly off the plate...

                                                                1. re: chef chicklet

                                                                  The favorite man snack (after any meat on a stick) is sausage & cheese balls.
                                                                  Easy easy to make too.