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Aug 26, 2007 09:04 AM

is spuyten duyvil still nice?

Hi, i used to live on south 4th street until about 5 years ago, and i remember i loved the garden at Spuyten Duyvil/ It was almost always empty, that's why i loved it (aside from their beer selection) Is it still nice or is it packed with hipsters now?

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  1. Still nice. Sometimes it's crowded but not Manhattan crowded. As for "hipsters", well it is in williamsburg, and all of the folks there seem to be youngish white kids from the burbs...

    1. "Is it still nice or is it packed with hipsters now?"

      I didn't know that the two were mutually exclusive.

      1. Still nice. You get some hipsters but they mostly stick to PBR i have noticed so they dont like ti there too much.