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Aug 26, 2007 07:35 AM

Vermont, Burlington and thereabouts

I am from Florida and am going to Burlington for 4 days at the end of September. Would like some suggestions for restaurants and other foodie places (say "cheese") within that area. NEver been any where near there before. Will have wife and child in tow. ONE nice birthday dinner would be great. Can you help?

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  1. First, a piece of advice. Make your reservations as soon as possible as your visit is during Foliage Season and the "leaf peepers" will be here from all over the globe.


    The above restaurants are all excellent. Depending on the age of your child, the Shelburne Farms has an actual animal farm that children love (goats, cows, pigs, etc. that can be fed). Trattoria Delia is in Burlington which has many options on Church Street which is fun to walk around. The Kitchen Table is about 20 minutes from Burlington and would be a good choice if you do a road trip to Stowe (Ben and Jerry's, Alpine slide rides on the mountain, hiking,etc.). Be sure to check the weather before packing as the temperature can range from 80 degrees to 30 degrees that time of year. If you have any specific questions, post them and I'm sure the NE folks will respond.

    1. I second the other poster's recommendations and have a couple of my own.
      Gourmet Chinese food, really excellent
      L'Amante is Burlington's other great Italian place. It's upscale and romantic, with perfect technique from the chef.
      OK, this one's pretty different. :) Nectar's is kind of a dive, but the turkey sandwiches with gravy fries are good and filling. A nice, quick, cheap option if you've got a child to please.
      My favorite spot for breakfast in the city.

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        L'Amante might be a good choice for the birthday dinner. The stuffed squash blossoms are top shelf ! Not the best choice with children, but you can make that call.

      2. I agree to make a choice now and make reservations. Trattoria Delia is lovely but only for really well behaved kids or really relaxed parents. L'Amante is a better choice because it's louder and not as "romantic" a setting. The Kitchen Table is OK, a little over priced and why drive when there are great eats in town? A Single Pebble is good for kids (also loud) and less formal, but don't order the Chinese food "regulars" ask the staff about local faves.
        Oh and Penny Cluse is the best breakfast in town, just show up an hour before you're starving (there is always at least a 30 minute wait), put your name in then walk to Church Street and grab a coffee and take the kid to Borders to read some books while you wait... It is my husbands and my routine each time we go for breakfast. Be sure to check out the farmers market in City Hall park on Saturday, its right downtown and has great local produce, foods and crafts...and space for kids to's full of kids all day long on Saturdays...have fun, I love my town, a great place to live or visit!

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          Magnolia or Skinny Pancake are far superior to Penny Cluse for breakfast and there isn't the rediculous wait either.