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Aug 26, 2007 07:34 AM

Virginia Beach trip- what's good?

Looking for good foodie places to try. Been to a few places- anything off the beaten trail that's good. Willing to drive too. What's good around the beach- breakfast,lunch,& dinner? TIA

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  1. Hi, I posted this same question a couple of months ago and a VA Beach local gave me some great recs. We tried Rudee's at the marina and they had great casual local seafood. Some of the best peel n' eats I've ever had and outdoors they have these great glider tables. Mary's for breakfast apparently is a local fave and upscale dinner at the Hilton's Catch 21 is supposed to be very good (plus they have outdoor fire pits). Check out my post for the specifics:

    Have Fun-

    1. There has been a thread going for some time titled Hampton Roads- Where should we eat next. That has lots of options and a several reviews for local hot spots here. Good luck and have a safe trip.

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        wow thanks- great thread (my ILs go often & will appreciate this list!)

      2. I had dinner recently at Zinc Brasserie. It was DIVINE!!

        1. Here are your best bets for breakfast:

          Big Sam's Inlet Cafe & Raw Bar: Funky oceanfront marina bar that serves best pancakes and local made sausage in town as certifed by local paper. Total Chowhound spot.

          Belvedere: This tiny luncheonette is smack on the Ocean. Great spot. Good food. Expect to wait

          Doc Taylors: Excellent new Locals Favorite. Kitchen run by former Belvedere cook Ray Ray. Excellent, really. Bldg formerly housed the practice of a real Doctor Taylor.

          Citrus: New and away from the beach but maybe the best breakfast in town now

          Mary's: Old timey, "in the know" locals favorite. Great lunch too. Cheap

          For Lunch:

          58 Deli Diner: Some of the best deli anywhere can be found at the 58 Deli Diner on Virginia Beach Blvd. Meats and bread are imported from NYC. The sandwiches are nearly $10 and worth every penny

          Pelon's: Very hip California Surfer style mexican. Great!!

          For Dinner:

          Nicks: Famous"locals only" dive. Known for their fried seafood platter. Best fried flounder on planet. At the oceanfront on Laskin Rd

          Surfrider: Awesome seafood spot at the Oceanfront. Local favorite. Cheap. Kid Friendly.

          One Fish Two Fish: Very stylish place on the water that feels more like NYC than VBVA, Top Rate seafood.

          Catch 31: Very, Very Stylish bar and restaurant in the Hilton, Ranked 4th out of 50 best area restaurants by Hampton Roads magazine.

          Tautogs: Outstanding locals Favorite run by Bill Gambrell, owner of Doc Taylors. At the oceanfront

          La Marinalla: Outstanding Italian in a slick and comfortable setting. The owner Sal will probably visit your table.

          Steinhilber's Thalia Acres Inn: Amazing 60 year waterfront restaurnt. Famous for fried shrimp. Food is OK but Setting is spectacular. Taste of old Virginia Beach

          Chick Oyster Bar: Favorite Hangout for locals. On the water. Shore Drive

          Charlies: Dive Seafood spot. Very cool old timey spot. Shore Drive.

          1. Jump in your car, right now and go to Bardo (430 W 21st St, Norfolk).

            Had lunch there today and WOW!!! Ginger pork dumplings (with a mango marmalade/ chutney) are now on my top 10 best dishes ever! There is intelligent life in the kitchen, the service was superb, and the food first rate.

            Save room for the dessert "bento box". I always want to try ALL the desserts and with this option, I got to try ALL the desserts. Amazing doughnuts, excellent peach cobbler, wonderful sorbet... Go NOW!!!

            We will hit there again (probably for dinner) before leaving Virginia Beach!