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Aug 26, 2007 06:19 AM

Markets and Days

Every time we come to TO, it is a Saturday since we work. We always go to St. Lawrence Market because both N and S sides are open and they sell everything from sausages to cheese to empanadas, and fish.

What other days (week days or week ends) and what other markets are there out there?
Thu (summer), Sat - St. Jacob's - meats, poultry, baked goods, fresh produce, plants, flea market, local craft items; beaautriful organic meats, some different produce items; MUST have apple fritters
Sun - St. Jacob's smaller market across the street selling mostly some food items; not quite the selection

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  1. Maybe these links will help: - listing of markets in Ontario (can sort by town/city
    ) - descriptions of some of the markets in the GTA - US farmer's market listing

    1. Keady (pronounced "Kay-dee") is an obscure, tiny collection of dwellings and outbuildings at a minor crossroads in Bruce County - I would describe it as less than a hamlet.

      Keady hosts the biggest and best and worst of all Ontario markets. It's what the Stouffville market used to be, only better and more colourful. It's full of junk, treasures, hucksters, crafters, resellers, and primary producers, both local and from across Southern Ontario.

      Grey/Bruce counties supply the beef, lamb and pork that the majority of Canadians eat. Much of that meat, at one or more stages of it's life, passed through the auction barns of Keady. That burger you had at Golden Star last week? - I probably petted its muzzle last month.

      Those with an eye for freshness and quality do well here but must search: I look for Amish stands or quality vendors who do the circuit such as The Thames Valley Melon Company out of Chatham, Lillis orchards out of St. Catharines and stands with single or limited offerings. Most quality producers make Keady a stop. However, the unwary can get last month's tomato casting or offshore leavings.

      In doing a few searches for this post, I discovered that Keady Market is featured on several day-trip bus tours. Anyone have a review - I haven't been since last June.

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        Wow, thanks for the info. I have to admit my mother in law always mentions the place, but I have never managed to go there. I think that is the market that he either sold/bought some of her smaller livestock (sheep and chickens).

        One day I should try to make it up there.

        1. I went to the Kitchner Farmers Market on Saturday and I highly recommend it. It's quite big and it also has stalls with baked goods, a variety of meat products and there are several places to have a bite to eat. Parking in the lot directly above the market is free for the first 2 hours. If it is full there are signs directing you to the alternate (free) lot.

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