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Aug 26, 2007 06:08 AM

Sushi & conveyer belt

When we went to Hawaii we went to a chain of rest. that serve sushi on a conveyer belt (you just pick what you want) they total the bill based on the dishes you have.

Is there something like this in GTA?

i was told there is something in the pacific mall?

or anywhere else?


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  1. I am sure there are others... but there is a place called Sushi Train on Yonge Street just south of bloor (on the west side) I've eaten there twice, it's not too bad - and I don't overeat.

    1. In Cape Town (a long way away) - Cape Town Fish Market (one of the main sushi rest) also serves their sushi on conveyor belts and it is fantastic

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      1. re: Chris Gee

        Last summer we went to place in London England like this. The kids loved it. The parents thought it was the worst sushi resto ever. I think this format guarantees the food will not be the freshest posssible, and when it comes to raw fish, that's important.

        If you are going to go make sure the place is busy or you'll see the same sad dish go round and round.

        1. re: Jean Georges

          Jean Georges - you definitely raise a good point. I noticed that at Sushi train - they have cooked & raw dishes. When they have more customers, they add more to the conveyor and they vary the "put in" - so that no matter where you are sitting, you do get first dibs on the "fresh" stuff.

      2. Momiji sushi on bloor just east of Royal York...quite good/fresh sushi, mid-price range

        1. Is Fune, Adelaide & Duncan I think, still around? Same owners as Yamato in Yorkdale, which I like...

          1. Mochizuchi at Bay and Elm is nice, but only after about 8:30 or so. They don't have enough on the belt before that, as there aren't enough people to guarantee turnover and freshness. I have been to Sushi Train a few times as I live near it and have yet to be impressed. It's too much to pay for the quality of the fish, and if you hang around for a while, you can see that some food sits there for far too long. Also, when I was there, they didn't have covers on the food and some people got a little too close to see what things were and then didn't take it for my liking. I hate to think that be raw fish has been siting in the open air for hours and might have been breathed on by a lot of people. I have no idea what it's like, but there is one called TORO (I think) further down Yonge...just north of Wellesley I think? On the east side. And I would be curious about that one.

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