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Aug 25, 2007 10:08 PM

Red Lion Tavern

I ate there last night.

Normally I eat the fish and chips. Very well done, and from what I understand the fish is not frozen and battered per order. I love order the shweinbraghten. I tried the German Scampi once, on a whim, and that was real bad.

Last night, I was in the mood for a burger with my Optimator, and football game.

I noticed a 1/3 of a pound hamburger under the specials menu. I thought "why not?"


It was huge and it was great!!! It was also only like 7 bucks!!!

The food, the beer and the game made for a great night.

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  1. check out the sausage platter - plenty and outstanding for 2-3 people (at least). also, they have a desert cake that they bring up from a bakery in alpine village which is almond based and covered with chocolate! delicious.

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      Wow, they must have gotten a different chef since I last ate there -- although the sausage platter is pretty good, I found the burger and fish and chips both so horrible I vowed never to have them again.

    2. Sausage platter.
      Veal Sausage dinner.
      Hungarian Goulash.
      Usually, I just order a side of mashed potatos and gravy, a side of peas (yes, those creepy, soggy grey, canned kind) and a beer...and have a few bites from someone's saugage platter...good stuff.

      1. I like Red Lion for their outside beer garden. Their food is moderate at best. However, I do like the mug of split pea soup with a frankfurter sticking out of it. Weird concept but tasty nevertheless.

        1. They do have a good burger. Also the turkey sand is very good roasted turkey. I get it with saurkraut. I like all of the traditional german food there and always get some potato pancakes.

          1. I keep it simple at the Red Lion - beer and brats - and both usually exceed my expectations. The Black Forest Cake can be divine, or it can have refigerator stale taste.

            Overall, it's such a fun place that the food is really seconary.